Seaside Sunday: Touring San Juan

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Recently, my family and I were lucky enough to spend the day in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Not knowing what to expect from this port, and traveling with some less-than-adventurous travelers, we opted to do a short bus tour to orient ourselves with the city. The bus tour covered Old and New San Juan. Let me save you the trouble. If you’ve ever been in any big city, you will get the idea of New San Juan. The biggest difference is that there is the ocean, and lots of Burger Kings. I’ve never seen so many Burger King restaurants in one city. But I digress.

There are actually two locations for cruise ships in San Juan. Those coming for the day will dock right in the middle of the action. It’s a beautiful location and cruisers can literally get off of the ship and just walk around and explore. There are also some cruises (Southern Carribean for example) that begin from San Juan. This dock is just at the edge of Old and New San Juan. It might be a bit of a farther walk to the most beautiful areas.

We began our tour of Old San Juan at Castillo San Felipe del Morro. El Morro is an amazingly huge fort that once protected the city. It is huge, and guests couple take a great deal of time exploring and seeing the amazing vistas. After a short ride back to the dock, we took off walking and just explored. Rather than spend more time describing how amazing Old San Juan is, let me show you.












Enjoy this beautiful port city, and make sure if you ever find yourself near San Juan, give yourself time to explore.

Bon Voyage!


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