Satu’li Canteen’s Cheeseburger Pods Made at Home

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Cheeseburger Pods

When you can’t go to Disney World, the next best thing is to cook up a treat in your own kitchen.  Our family loves the Cheeseburger Pods at Satu’li Canteen.  And while they used to be available as an adult entree, they are now available only as a kid’s entree.

But that doesn’t change how delicious they are! We often purchase kids meals as adults so that we have room for snacks later.  Park touring tip: portion sizes at Disney are large enough that an adult entree is often enough for two adults.  You can save money by purchasing a kid’s meal or splitting an adult meal.

So my family took a Friday night to prepare the Cheeseburger Pods.

Onions being cooked in a pan
Saute the onions

We started off with the onions.

Ground Beef with Onion
Ground Beef cooked with Onion

Then we added and browned the hamburger.


Ground Beef with Cheese

Afterwards we added the mustard, pickle, and cheese.



When it came to the biscuits, we found that pulling them apart by their seams worked better than trying to cut them in half. Also, next time we decided that we would use a rolling pin and flatten the biscuits just a bit so that they would be easier to pinch closed- and may actually stay that way after baking.

Pods Prior to Baking
Pods Prior to Baking

Once we added the filling, they were pinched closed.

We didn’t have the ability to steam them, so we just baked the pods in the oven. We followed the directions on the can of biscuits and started by cutting the time in half but ended up adding about 5 minutes to that.

Cheeseburger Pods after Baking
Cheeseburger Pods after Baking

And then we ate!

Overall, extremely good- and probably would have been better if we could have steamed them, but still a great treat.

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