Samawati Springs

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The pool at Kidani Village, while in my opinion is in awkward place (you have to cross either the circle drop off area by the main entrance, or go down into the parking garage and cross through there) was a pleasant surprise, as the one at Jambo house has never overly impressed me. There is an awesome water play area for the younger kids (or older kids when they are feeling like younger kids), a nice slide, complete with the zero depth entry we have come to expect from many of Disney World’s pools. On our “resort” day we spent some time in the member’s lounge doing crafts, and for DS playing video games, but then we headed for the pool. We played Bingo shortly after arriving at the pool and DD did win a water toy (i.e. more like a bathtub toy, but it looked like a monkey so she was happy). We then found some chairs to relax on, my mom and I had some fruity drinks, and DD was off to participate in more pool games. There is a viewing area of the Pembe savanna, the only one available unless your room looks that way, and there are several animals on that savanna that are not on the other savannas. Make sure and stop in there and visit with the cast member.

Kidani Village map

The awesome water play area

Stand under there, I dare ya!
More of the water play area
Water play area
Bingo prize!
Gathering for more pool games
Playing Burst
The pool area looking towards the slide
the slide
the other end of the pool
Belly up
Relaxing, or maybe napping? It’s been done
With so much going on, don’t forget to swim

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