Running Down a Dream

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I know that those words come from a Petty and The Heartbreakers song but on a recent jog those words kept running (no major pun intended) across my mind.  I have been checking in with all of you from time to time as I get ready to run my first half marathon in Walt Disney World in January 2012.  I am now about six weeks into my training and I have about two months to go until my big race.  I have now hit the point in my training were the newness and excitement of running has certainly started to wear off.  So as I lace up the running shoes three times a week I have to continue to find ways to motivate me to get out there and run.  Firstly I have committed myself mentally to the challenge of completing the race.  I like to challenge myself mentally to accomplish things that my mind will many times tell me that I cannot accomplish.  Battling the mind is tough but the process of saying “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” is applicable to so many other areas of our lives.  I tell my two boys every day that I believe they can do anything they set their mind to so why should I be any different?  My mind sometimes almost wins as the cool nights come around, but I know that I will regret not getting out there just as I would live with regret if I do not finish my race and I do not receive that Donald medal around my neck.  Hopefully I will continue to battle my mind and it doubts each and every run.

Secondly I have committed myself emotionally to accomplishing the challenge of finishing this race.  I have read and heard continually that there is no feeling like finishing that first long race and receiving that medal around your neck.  I have seen the pictures of the medal that I will receive when I finish my race but I don’t think that will match the pride of my accomplishment.  I also have been able to experience smaller emotional boosts as I have run distances that I have never been able to run before.  I ran 6.5 miles the other week and that was a huge boost to my confidence that I can do this.  I know that if I allow myself to emotionally be discouraged that is going to be huge obstacle to me reaching my goals.  Again, I know that this idea is apart of all that we do in this world.  I am also thankful that my family and friends have been amazingly supportive of me in my running goals.  They have told me that they are proud of what I have done and will be my biggest fans as I get closer to my goals.

Lastly, I have been continually been able to dip into the motivation that running Walt Disney World will provide.  Each time I run I know that I am that much closer to my trip in January.  I know that morning when I wake up that I will be running in places that I love and will be able to experience things that not every Disney fan is able to be a part of.  I have envisioned what I will see and I get excited about things that I might not know of that will be waiting for me.  As I run I know that each mile will be different than the rest and that as I near the finish line in Epcot I will find that little extra that I will need to continue.  I will make sure to savor every last step and as I cross that finish line I will look back at all the hard work and know that it was worth it.  I also have the joy of knowing I will be relaxing that evening in the Magic Kingdom and probably reward myself with a Dole Whip and maybe a Mickey Bar.  I mean come on I just finished a half marathon I deserve to reward myself right?

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