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As many Disney fans may know, runDisney has a virtual series race that you can complete at your own time, each year. I am not a runner, so I don’t follow runDisney much. In fact, I only caught wind of these virtual races this year! Due to COVID-19, these races have gained even more popularity among runDisney fans who couldn’t run the real races in person.

Although I don’t run, walking a runDisney race is on my bucket list. I have walked a 10 mile here at home, among other races. The feeling you get at the finish line – whether you’ve walked or run, is unlike any other. Almost inexplicable! It is such a rush & feeling of accomplishment, one that you don’t easily forget. I completely understand why runners do it! I can’t wait to do more races.

My first ever local race. 10 miles. Go big or go home, right?

When I found out about this virtual race, I was so excited to hop on the wagon – which is sure to be a new annual tradition for me! I only had one night to decide by the time I found out…did I want to participate in one race? If so, which one? Or, did I want to do the challenge to do all plus get a special 4th medal?

The races this year were themed after popular Magic Kingdom rides. You could choose from Haunted Mansion, Mad Tea Party, Space Mountain or The Challenge. The Challenge was completing all 3 races, getting all 3 medals plus a special fourth.

Although I wanted to do the challenge, I opted to choose just one race & went with the Haunted Mansion. When the pictures of the medals were released the morning of registration, I knew I had made the right decision. I cannot wait to get my medal!


The rules are simple. Complete your 5k anytime between now & August 31st. Completely at your own pace & time! That’s what I love about these races.

Disney also provides you with a bib, start line, finish line & mile markers. They also direct you to where to find their official runDisney playlist on Spotify or iTunes, which is the perfect collection of our favorite Disney songs with an upbeat flare to keep you motivated. They do a great job of bringing the magic to you! Although I’ve never done a true runDisney race, I got a good taste of what they’re like & can’t wait to do one!


Medals are typically shipped out soon after the completion window begins. Sometimes people recieve them before they’ve even completed it.

I decided to do my 5k and it was such a blast! I had already mapped out my route. I took my dog for the first half, then dropped her home. She was warm, but also had a major surgery last year, so her legs haven’t been the same since. I then finished the race on my own.


I popped on my bib, grabbed a quick pic, and I was off. I used my FitBit to track my km & made great use of the signs Disney provided. I loved the playlist. Even found myself dancing down the street sometimes!



All in all, a great experience. Not to mention, an official runDisney event for a very affordable price. Although I’m sure it doesn’t compare to the in person races, for now, I will take it!

This year’s races were sold out within minutes. So, make sure you get your booking fingers ready for next year! I can’t wait to do more.


Did you participate in the runDisney virtual series? Which race or races did you do? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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