Riding the Aquaduck on the Disney Dream

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One of the most amazing and highly anticipated new features on the beautiful new Disney Dream is the Aquaduck water roller coaster.  Themed to Donald Duck himself, which is only natural given that Admiral Donald’s statue graces the atrium lobby of the Disney Dream, the Aquaduck is the first water roller coaster to be designed specifically for a major cruise ship (there is a similar, much larger attraction at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon).  It’s the only experience of its kind at sea!

Guests choosing to take the plunge on the Aquaduck will board on Deck 12, climbing up a flight of stairs where they’ll board a two person raft to prepare for their 765 foot ride around the sun deck of the Disney Dream.  Make sure to read the signs telling the story of how Huey, Dewy and Lewy concocted the concept for the Aquaduck for their Uncle Donald!

Keep your eyes open as you begin the first plunge as the crystal clear acrylic slide loops 150 feet above the water extending 13 feet off the side of the deck – it’s a fast spin through this loop, but definitely exciting if not a bit unnerving  looking down!


Once you’ve traveled through the high speed loop you curve around and plunge toward deck 12 where sunbathers have a perfect view of the excitement above them.  High powered water jets shoot you back up and beware at this point when you crest the hill for a torrential spray of water to rush over your raft.  Another fast plunge down followed by a high speed acceleration incline occurs before the course turns to the right through the aft funnel and the tween club, Vibe where tweens can catch a shadowy glimpse of your passing raft.

After passing through the funnel there is another sharp turn to the right into a straight rapids section.  It’s at this point where the ride slows just enough to provide breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and upper decks of the ship.  Make sure to wave to your fellow guests enjoying the sun below at this point!

Don’t be too complacent during this 335 foot stretch of rapids because soon another sharp right turn directs you to the splashdown area which ultimately ends your journey – you’ll be soaked at the end of your ride, but if you’re like me and my fellow travel agents who were on one of the inaugural cruises in January you’ll want to hurry up and get back in line because you’ll surely want to experience this awesome slide over and over – I can’t wait for my next cruise on the Disney Dream to experience it all over again!

Guests must be 42 inches tall to ride the Aquaduck and single riders must be at least 54 inches or taller. Children under 7 may ride with someone 14 years of age or older, provided the child is at least 42 inches tall.  And remember – you can only experience the Aquaduck on the Disney Dream!

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