Rides We’d Love to Rehab

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If you are a long time traveler to the Walt Disney World resort, after you get over your feeling of nostalgia while walking through the parks and riding the rides, there are times, if you are like me, that you think, “Wow, that ride could totally do with a make-over!”

I know that there are classic rides spread all over the Disney complex and I often scratch my head at why some rides get taken down and replaced while others remain.  I think there was great outrage when Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was taken down in the Magic Kingdom but really, that was more because of the sentimental value of it rather than the ride itself.

When Disney rehabbed “It’s a Small World” they didn’t change the ride as much as they freshened it up and it was a nice change.  It’s a classic and although the song will drive you crazy, it was nice to see that there wasn’t a lot of new dimensions added to the ride.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to see a rehab of the beloved “Peter Pan’s Flight” with some new animatronics?  That sword fighting scene is a little dull at this point and I would love to see Disney use the technology of  the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride in that scene.

“Space Mountain” in Florida got a rehab but not like the one in California.  Personally, I would have loved to have the side-by-side seats on the rockets of “Space Mountain” for when I ride with my younger son.  “Journey in to Your Imagination” in Epcot is something that should have been gone a long time ago or at least refreshed and updated!  I know that Disney spent great amounts of money on rides like “Test Track” and “Mission Space” but if you look at Future World, overall, it is due for a MAJOR rehab.

Rides like “Ellen’s Universe of Energy” and the Imagination Pavilion really need something fresher in there to keep the lines moving faster at attractions like the mentioned “Test Track”, “Mission Space” and “Soarin”.

Over at Hollywood Studios, I think “Indiana Jones” has seen it’s day and it’s time for something else and the same for the backlot tour.  They took so much of it away to make room for the motor car show but they never bothered to make what was left any better.  Personally, I miss driving down the street with all of the houses from different TV shows and movies.  I miss seeing “George of the Jungle’s ” tree house!

I do understand that all this refreshing and rehabbing costs money but for those of us who travel to the Walt Disney World resort every year or two would love to see something new.  With Universal Studio’s new Harry Potter section, it’s really upped the competition factor and I know a lot of people have opted to go to Universal over Disney because at least there is something NEW at Universal.

Sure, we’re getting a Fantasyland rehab and while I am super excited about the Beauty and the Beast castle, I still think that there are massive amounts of rehabs and refreshing throughout the entire complex that needs to be done to keep people coming back, not just for sentimental reasons, but because there is something new and exciting that they just have to see.

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