Foodie Friday: Review of Territory Lounge

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Territory Lounge at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

One of the big trends right now at Walt Disney World are these unique lounge offerings. You have them with places like Trader Sams at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and with the brand new AbracadaBar at Disney’s BoardWalk, but there are a few lounges that have been around for a while that are classics in their own right. One such lounge is the Territory Lounge found at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.

Territory Lounge is connected as a part of the resort’s signature restaurant, Artist Point. It is in its own dedicated area, with it’s own great theme. Territory Lounge has a classic Pacific Northwest vibe going, with large carved animals, paintings of the great outdoors, and a giant map on the ceiling showcasing the adventures of Lewis and Clark. It has sort of a masculine feel to it, with its emphasis on woods, leathers, and dark colors. Shadowboxes of tools and other unique items adorn the walls as well.

Territory Lounge 3

Territory Lounge 2

Territory Lounge 1

Territory Lounge 4

I find that the Territory Lounge is rarely crowded, so if you’re looking for a quite place to grab a quick bite or beverage, this is the place to do it. And seating is plentiful, with plenty of options. You can sit at the bar, at a table, or settle in to one of the couches or plush chairs.

The menu does seem to change a bit here, based on the season, so keep that in mind, however, most items are staples.

On this visit, we decided to go simple. We weren’t super hungry and knew that sharing would be a good options. So  we sampled the Pulled Pork Nachos with corn chips, cheddar, hard apple cider salsa, creme fraiche. While the nachos were good, they weren’t a stand out. These were kind of just ok.  The chips were crisp, the pulled pork had a great smokey flavor, but the rest wasn’t super outstanding.   I thought the apple cider salsa was ambitious, but also weird and didn’t pair well with the nachos overall.

Territory Lounge Nachos

Honestly, while I think that Territory Lounge is a fabulous place to grab a bite (you do want to try the Portobello Bisque), I wouldn’t get this version of nacho again.   But that’s the great thing about a place with a menu that changes so much. It adds some great variety.

And guess what? In researching this article, it appears that the nachos recently changed to a more mainstream version of nacho.  They now feature Farmers Tomato Salsa and Verde Sauce instead of the creme fraiche and the apple cider salsa. So, maybe it’s time to give the nachos at Territory Lounge a chance once again.

Or I might want to try the Caprese Flatbread or Crispy Asian Chicken Wings, or something else entirely. These lounges, I feel, have the opportunity to take the most chances. That’s what makes them so unique and so great for Guests to experience.

Have you tried the Territory Lounge? What were your thoughts? Share in the comments.

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