Review of Diary of a Future President on Disney+

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Diary of a Future President review


The original series Diary of a Future President on Disney+ is a lighthearted look at the ups and downs of middle school life through the eyes of Elena Cañero-Reed and her family.

Maybe you’ve already worked your way through The Imagineering Story or The Mandalorian just isn’t your thing. If you’ve already streamed your share of classic Disney movies, Diary of a Future President might be just the new viewing you need.

The show premiered in the U.S. on January 17 with a new episode releasing each week. Currently, all 10 episodes are available.

©Disney Just look for this picture under “originals” on Disney+ to start watching Diary of a Future President today.

Diary of a Future President – the Plot

In the first episode, the adult Elena is in the Oval Office the day after her inauguration. We hear a little about her successful life leading up to becoming president. A staff member then delivers a special package to her from her mom. Inside is her diary from when she was a sixth grader. From there we flash back to 12-year-old Elena getting ready for school.

The show focuses on Elena, her best friend Sasha, her brother Bobby, her mother Gabi, and her mother’s new boyfriend Sam. One little spoiler – I laugh every time they say “Sam-bled eggs” – such a dad joke!

I won’t divulge all the details, but you can expect the typical middle school drama from episode to episode. There are friend issues, popularity issues, relationship issues, and right vs. wrong issues. Elena documents it all in her diary.

Diary of a Future President
©Disney The show focuses on Elena Cañero-Reed and her family as Elena navigates her first year of middle school.

Potential parental concerns

That said, Diary of a Future President does have a PG rating and touches upon some deeper issues that you might not want to get into with kids younger than 12 or 13. Some of those issues include puberty and sexuality issues for the younger characters and moving on from the death of a spouse for an adult character.

Having worked in a middle school, I feel like the issues dealt with in the series are relevant to issues students really face. I like that each episode has the characters learning important lessons and growing as people. After all, this is the story of how Elena became president.

Overall, I found the show very enjoyable and hope it returns for a second season.

Created by Ilana Peña, Diary of a Future President stars Tess Romero as Elena. Other stars include Selenis Leyva as Gabi, Charlie Bushnell as Bobby, and Michael Weaver as Sam.

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