Foodie Friday: Mickey Push Pop Review

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Mickey Push Pop

Through September 30, the Magic Kingdom is celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. In celebration, a number of restaurants are offering special desserts and treats. On a recent visit, on the Mobile Ordering section, I saw that Columbia Harbour House was offering a special Mickey Push Pop. The treat certainly sounded intriguing. It features birthday cake pastry cream cake crumbles, buttercream, and glitter sprinkles. Ok…this sounds amazing. I was all in.

So, I placed my order via Mobile Order, which worked easily from my phone, clicked on the “I’m Here” button and went to stand in the proper place, as designated by a sign located in the ordering section of the restaurant. My wait time was a little prolonged, as I literally ordered and clicked the button as I was walking in.

I received my push pop and immediately thought….this is small. And it is. The push pop is definitely all about the novelty and very little on the dessert. If you want a full out dessert, there are lot of better options. If you are looking for just a small sweet bite, this is the right choice for you.

Mickey Push Pop


There is no good way to eat this in the tube it comes in. I ended up dumping it out onto a plate and just eating all the pieces that way.

Let’s dive into the flavor….which is amazing. The birthday cake flavor was exceptionally present. Again, the amount of cake you actually get is very small. It looked as though they likely shoved two cake pop balls into this tube. With that being said, the cake was very moist and quite delicious.  I just wished there was more to it. The sprinkles added a little crunch and I am a sucker for buttercream icing. I devoured this treat!

Mickey Push Pop

Overall, as you can probably tell, I really liked the Mickey Push Pop a lot, don’t get me wrong, but for the price I paid (which was $5.99), it was WAY overpriced. It should have cost about $2.00 less. Or I should have gotten at least one more cake crumble, as it was called.

Have you tried the Mickey Push Pop? What did you think? Was it overpriced for you? Did it taste fantastic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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