Remembering Disney Between Trips

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It always seems like too long between trips to Disney for me.  Yes, the kids would agree with me on this point.  We would likely be happy visiting a Disney park everyday, but that isn’t a possibility for us, nor for many of you, too.  While we can always dream about visiting the parks, we can bring a little bit of the parks home with us to remind us of our happy place.

Over the years, I may have brought a little too much (if there is such a thing) of the parks home with me.  We bought this towel a couple years ago as a purchase-with-purchase, and now, it sits on a bench in our window seat.  It provides extra cushioning for seating, but it is also visible every time we come down the stairs.  There are also quite a few Disney towels upstairs, and my son takes his time picking out just the right one to use after each shower.  Each child has a couple of fleece Disney blankets that I have made over the years (lightweight and winter-weight).  Disney every night.


Yes, there is a lot of Disney in this picture, isn’t there?  This is my favorite coffee mug that I use just about every morning.  It covers just about the entire Walt Disney World, doesn’t it?  The kids gave me this mouse pad for Christmas last year.  I love the wrist support in it.  And lastly, if you look closely at my computer, you’ll see Mike and Sulley.  I am the queen of changing wallpapers, and fortunately for me, there are lots of Disney-themed wallpapers out there.  A couple of great sources are The Mouse for Less website and Disney Parks Blog.  I actually changed my wallpaper while getting the links for this post.  My computer now sports the 50’s Prime Time Cafe wallpaper.


We have just a few (ahem) Disney dishes in my cabinet.  The kids enjoy a Disney touch with their meals every now and then.  I used to complain about the cost of the special cups with drinks in them.  You know the ones I’m talking about, don’t you?  The ones with the light-up figure attached to the straw?  The goblet and tankard at Gaston’s Tavern in New Fantasyland?  I have now come to appreciate these for what they are.  We have several of the plastic cups that the kids use on a daily basis.  They rotate between the goblet/tankard, the cups with straws from Sci-Fi, and the various other cups they have gotten over the last six years.  These cups have paid for themselves and then some.  The obvious favorite is the goblet/tankard, and these are normally used as soon as they are washed.


We normally have movie night on Saturday night.  More often than not, the movie that is watched is a Disney movie.  I wonder what they will choose this weekend…


Lastly, we have Duffy.  My son LOVES Duffy, and Duffy goes with us everywhere.  On our last trip to Walt Disney World, my son insisted on Duffy coming into the parks with us everyday.  Unfortunately, Duffy almost didn’t make it back to the room with us one day.  {Thank you to the CM at the Kidcot booth at the United Kingdom for watching over him.}  After that, he rode in my bag during the day.  Duffy is such a well-dressed bear.  Today, he is Scottish.  Tomorrow, he may be a Jedi.  Who knows?

How do you keep the Disney magic alive in your home everyday?

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