Refections on a Birthday

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Well tomorrow is my 34th birthday and as I reflect upon that fact, I also realize that Walt Disney World is about to celebrate its 40th birthday on October 1st.  Birthday’s can mean so many different things depending on a milestone being reached to the looking back at the time that has gone by.  I look at my birthday this year and don’t really look at myself as being old even though I do realize that I am not getting any younger.  I am still learning each and every day and I try to get better each and every day at things that I do.  I have to come to an understanding that life is always fresh and new each day and I try to approach each day with an energy that drives me through each event.  I have been a teacher for 12 years and one thing that I take from my students is that life should never get old.  These young kids have such an enthusiasm for new things and are always willing to try something new.  I am not by personality a risk taker but I have tried to step out of my comfort zone and see what the world has to offer.  I am thankful many times that I have tried to see what else I can do even if my try has lead to a failure.

I look at Walt Disney World and see that same passion for new and exciting things.  I have not been to the parks since day one, my first visit was in 1997.  I have however read and tried to study a little bit about Walt Disney World’s past.  It is fascinating to see the transformation of the parks and resorts over time.  I love that fact that each time you visit WDW you are in for a new experience.  While many of the things that we love about the parks are the same there is always something that you have not tried or seen waiting for your next visit.  I also love to see WDW stepping out and trying things that may be a stretch but there willingness to strive for new and excellent things is something to be admired.  I am not sure how this new partnership with Avatar is going to work out but you can believe that Walt Disney World is going to go for it all the way.  They have earned the respect of there competitors as well as guests with their ability to see past what we think and into world’s we did not imagine.

Birthday’s should always be a celebration of life whether you turn 16 or 60 it is a mark of time and growth in your life.  I want to look back each year and see what has transpired and hope to find growth and positive change.  The things that I hold dear and true I want to keep and things that I should change I want to change.  I hope that Walt Disney World has a glorious 40th birthday and I can only wait and imagine what another 40 years will bring to the parks and resorts.  So happy birthday Walt Disney World and I hope you blow out all your candles.

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