Port Orleans French Quarters Horse and Carriage Ride

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The night before we came home, John decided to treat me and two of my clients to a Horse and Carriage ride at Port Orleans.

We went to Port Orleans Riverside and found out to reserve a ride you need to go anytime after 5 PM to the Marina and find the carriages.

We booked for 8:30 that evening and went for a walk around the resort.  At 8 PM we met my clients (one I roomed with and the other was at Pop Century, they are both still there until the 9th).  We headed back to where the carriages were and had our choice of driers.  Laura our driver had a beautiful Percheron.  He looked a lot like an Apaloosa but I think he was smaller or a mixed breed.  The horse’s name was Dutch and he seemed to have a mind of his own sometimes.  The ride took 35 minutes and cost us $45 plus we gave a $10 tip.  As we rode along Laura told us about the different areas of the resort.  The Port Orleans is made up of two sections, they are the Magnolia Mansions and the Alligator Bayou.  The ride takes you along the Sassagoula River Bank where you can see the mansions.  They actually look like a scene from Gone With the Wind.  As we rode further we came to the Port Orleans French Quarters where you are reminded of Mardi Gras every day of the week.  We also saw the ferries that transport you to Downtown Disney.  There were people on bicycles, surries and even walking past us.  We drove completely around the whole area of the two resorts and back to the starting point.  The ride was very relaxing and worth all the time we spent as well as the money.  The driver was a pleasant woman who seemed to understand her horse very well.  Whenever he tried to go his own way she would say to him, “Dutch you know better so let’s do this the right way.”

If you are ever in Disney and want something to do this is a great vacation break.  I know a lot of us look for a special something and this is it for me.  We hope to do the Saratoga Springs horse and carriage ride the next time we are there.  You don’t have to be staying on site to do this all you need is the $45 and some extra time you don’t want to spend in the parks.

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