Planning Outfits for a Disney Vacation

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If you have read any of my articles, you know I love planning! I also love documenting our trips via scrapbooking and videos. I always love how our pictures look when we have coordinating shirts and outfits.

There are a number of different options when it comes to planning this out. Typically, I start by looking at what our plans are and go from there. I like to look at what park we will be in, where we are eating, what characters we plan on visiting and that’s about it.

I have made a ton of iron-on transfer T-shirts. A lot of these I have purchased the images off of various Etsy shops. Some of the themes included:

* Future Prince Charming


SW inspired and Future princeRS

* Princess Protection Agency



* Mickey heads in various themes: Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Princesses, Pirates





We also make Mickey head tie dye shirts. The process is a bit cumbersome. But once you get it down, it’s easy breezy. You can also purchase these. There is a website that you can use, This allows you to choose a silhouette image and add words inside to create the image filled with words about your vacation. This was a fun one!



Another option is Disneybounding. It’s basically an outfit that is inspired by a character. So you might take the same colors from their outfits. For example, for Ariel you might choose a pair of teal bottoms and a purple shirt with a hair clip that has a seashell on it. I try to make sure they are wearing these outfits when we visit the specific characters the outfits are inspired by.






Of course, there are the traditional Princess dresses. But how many times have we bought these and they are ruined shortly after. There are many great shops on Etsy and online that sell “everyday” Princess dresses. They are much more comfortable than the standard ones.



I love to bring pirate gear for my boys. I usually keep some bandanas and eye patches to wear along with their Pirate T-shirts.

I always make a baseball T-shirt that usually says, “Disney Vacation 2016” and the family name.



One year I painted character-inspired shoes. I used White Keds and Vans and acrylic paint. These also are sold on Etsy, but for a very large price tag. I enjoyed doing this on my own and discovered I had a touch of artistic talent that I was unaware of.

My little sister created rubber band characters that sparked a ton of character interaction because they were so unique and different. She also purchased ear headbands and sewed a bunch of bows themed after the characters and these were fun and easy to carry around. They all had snaps on them so it was easy to interchange them.

One of my favorites were the Cinderella hats that were inspired by Cinderella, Jaq, Gus and Mary (her 3 mice friends). Cinderella thought they were adorable!



What do you do when planning Disney-inspired outfits? Share in the comments!

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