Photomosaic-ing Your Disney Vacation

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A while back I discovered a great software package that makes a great photo to remember your vacation by.  The resulting image is something that has been used at various Disney locations.  My favorite use of it was the Disneyland 50th Anniversary year when Disney had people send in their favorite photos from Disneyland and then they were combined into one large mosaic that when you stood back from it, you saw a large photo that was made up of several small ones.  So, for example there was a large photo of Walt Disney but as you walked up you would see many smaller photos of families enjoying their vacations at Disneyland over the past 50 years.

This software package does the same thing.  You take one of your photos, that you want to have recreated in a mosaic and then specify how many images you want included in the mosaic and also select the photos you want used to create the mosaic and then let the software do its thing.

The result is really cool!  It is a great image to share with your friends on Facebook or you can print it out and share it with your traveling companions.  My wife has scrapbooked ours and when people see them, they always ask “how did you do that”.  My answer always is “it is very difficult”.


The software is called Andrea Mosaic.  It is shareware and can be downloaded for free at there is a link where you can donate if you like the software and want to “thank” the programmer.

Below is an image of the Disney Magic taken by me and then manipulated into a mosaic using other images from our cruise vacation by the software.  That is followed by a photo of Cinderella Castle and the mosaic of it.

If you are interested in a fun way to share your photo memories from a vacation to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, or on a Disney Cruise (or any other vacation for that matter) download this software and use it.  And don’t forget to thank the person who programmed it.

Sharing is caring!

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