All About The New runDisney Registration Process

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The New runDisney Registration Process


You’ve decided to sign-up for a runDisney race in the new era of runDisney registration.  Let’s go through the process that you need to be familiar with- and find out some tips that will make this registration process easier.

What should I do before registration?

First, make sure that you have a My Disney Experience account.  If you are signing up multiple people, make sure that they are all listed on your account.  Not sure if you have a My Disney Experience account?  If you’ve signed into something that looks like this before, then you have.

MyDisneyExperience Sign-in
MyDisneyExperience Sign-in



Second, make sure that you have a credit card or one Disney Gift card available to pay for registration.  If you have multiple gift cards, use to combine the gift cards together onto just one card.  Tip: You can only use one method of payment for your purchase so if you are using a Disney Gift card, you will need to have enough funds to cover the entire purchase with that Gift card- including the 6.6% processing fee that Disney charges.

Third, make sure to know when registration is and plan to be online at the time of registration.  This is most important if you want to run one of the more popular races such as the 5k, 10k, and depending on the weekend, the challenge.  Sometime runDisney races can sellout on the day of registration, if not within hours.

When is registration?

Registration varies depending on which of the 4 Walt Disney World race Weekend or virtual race you are interested in running.  Your best way of finding out is to visit the website and select the particular race that you are interested in.  Also, Annual Passholders and DVC members receive the benefit of early registration.  Information about that can be accessed on their respective webpages.  Don’t worry if you aren’t either of these- runDisney only makes a portion of the spots available during early registration.

How do I signup?

Go to the website and select the race that you are interested in running.  Click on the REGISTRATION tab and then on the link to register.

Click the Register Today link.
Click the Register Today link.



Hint: Historically, registration has opened at Noon Eastern Time.  The link for registration has been known to appear a few minutes early.  If the link isn’t there yet, keep refreshing the page and be patient.

After you make it to the Participant Information page, which may require that you sit in a queue for a while, you will see the actual registration page that includes a list of the available events.  Here is an example for the 2019 Princess Race Weekend:

List of available races.
List of available races.



Note that you can add the races in any order that you want, but I would start in the order of most difficult to get races, such as the 5k first.  Don’t worry if you need to register multiple people or for multiple events, at the bottom of the page you can click the button at the bottom of the page to add another registration.

add another registration


Tip: Don’t worry about putting in your Proof of Time right now.  You can come back and do this later after you have completed registration.  Just don’t forget to submit a Proof of Time.

The next screen after you have all your registrations in your cart will be the Pre-Sale Commemorative Items.  If you want these, add them to your cart.  If not, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the next steps button.

This page is where you can review everything that is in your cart, see your total, and make a donation to the chosen charity for the race.  Most importantly, it is the last page where you can make changes to your cart.  Once you click I’m Ready to Pay, no changes will be permitted.  If you notice a mistake, your only option will be to start over.

I’m registered, now what?

The most difficult part of preparing for a runDisney race is now over.  You can now start or continue your training and get ready to celebrate all of your hard work when you cross the finish line on race day.

What tips do you have about using the new runDisney registration process? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter.

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