Nemo, Nemo, Everywhere!

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By Carol Vandiver

Two big changes have come to Walt Disney World in the form of a little clown fish, Nemo. The first is The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Epcot. The second is Nemo – The Musical at Animal Kingdom. I had the pleasure of seeing both of these recently (Nemo – The Musical is in previews currently) and found both to be nice additions to the parks.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is located in what was up until recently known as the Living Seas pavilion, now The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion. Gone are the hydrolators and in their place are Clamobiles. As guests take a ride in their own personal clams, they follow Nemo and his friends on a ride through journey featuring both animated characters and the actual inhabitants of the giant tanks. To see photos of the area outside of the attraction and several more of the queue area, visit the Nemo page on TheMouseForLess website:

I also was able to attend a showing of Nemo – The Musical at Animal Kingdom. They are doing several shows of this each day and these are open to anyone that is lucky enough to get in line. There is also a passholder preview December 1-10. The benefit of the Passholder preview would be that you have a “reserved” seat of sorts. So just because you won’t be there at the time of the passholder preview, don’t give up. Don’t be put off by a long line either. We were in line out past the corner that heads to DinoLand and there were still plenty of seats once we got inside.


Both attractions, while not the super-anticipated headliners that Expedition Everest was, are great updates and additions to the parks.

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