My Disney Vacations with Grandpa and Grandma

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Have you ever gone to Disney World with your grandparents?  My family has taken this outstanding trip with mine on both of our Disney vacations since 2008 and will be going with them again later this year.  Disney World, always a fun and exciting vacation spot, is even more thrilling with my grandparents.

At the resort, we request connecting rooms, allowing us to open inside doors to enter our grandparents’ room.  Also, one of my brothers or me is allowed to sleep in their extra bed.  All three of us always look forward to sleeping in that room.

We start the day early in the parks, and Grandpa and Grandma stay with us.  If there is an attraction either of them does not want to do, they both find a nearby bench and let us ride it while they rest.  We eat lunch together around noon and split up afterwards, letting our grandparents rest some and chose their own agenda.

For dinner, our group meets up again.  Afterwards, Grandpa and Grandma usually return to the resort while the rest of our gang rides a few more attractions before also heading back to the rooms.  Occasionally, everyone returns to the resort together after supper and swims for an hour or two before going to our rooms for bed.

When I am at Disney World with my grandparents, I learn much more about them.  For example, they want to make the most of their vacation time and be in the front of the line when the park opens, hoping to be the first ones on the popular attractions.  Maybe we inherited this trait from them, because we like the same plan.

One morning at EPCOT, we were near the front of the line when the park opened.  Grandpa immediately took off and followed the cast member to Soarin’.  As we parked the stroller, Grandpa hurriedly continued, becoming the first person in the cue while we, struggling to catch up, were twenty or thirty people back.  Surprised and astonished at his speed and determination, the people in line ahead of us let us pass them and join Grandpa at the front.

I have learned that my grandparents are never late and always want to be early to restaurants.  Once, when we were meeting for dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, my parents, brothers, and I were fifteen minutes early for our reservations.  As we approached, Grandpa shouted to us, “Hurry up!  They called us ten minutes ago!”  At the dinner table, we found out that Grandpa and Grandma had arrived about thirty minutes early and checked us all in.  When the waiter first called our party, we were still having fun in the park.

While riding Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom, another funny occurrence took place.  We were warned several times to put electronic devices and other non-waterproof items in the pouch in the middle of the boat.  Thinking he could protect his phone by covering it with his hand during the wet parts, Grandpa refused.  During the ride, he got soaked and afterwards, no matter how hard he tried, his phone
would no longer work.

On the slow attractions, Grandma is always the narrator.  She points out comical characters and unusual objects, telling all about what is currently happening and predicting what is to come.  Usually funny, this narration makes me giggle to myself.

Grandma also sacrifices some attractions for Grandpa.  Even if she wants to do an attraction, she stays off if Grandpa cannot ride it.  Grandpa may insist that she comes with the rest of us, but she will always stay with her husband.  Grandma loves Grandpa and wants to keep him company instead of leaving him alone.

Overall, the trip with my grandparents is humorous, enjoyable, and gives us stories and jokes to relate with each other.  Fun and exciting, Disney World becomes even more so with Grandpa and Grandma.  I will always enjoy taking this wonderful vacation with them and hope to continue this tradition for many more years.

My brothers and me with Grandpa and Grandma at Magic Kingdom

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