My Days as a Disney Trivia Champion

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While visiting Disney World on my September 2011 vacation, my family and I participated in Disney Shout-Out once and Disney Trivia twice at the All-Star resorts. In the middle of our exciting vacation, we were swimming at the guitar pool at All-Star Music when I saw Mom hurriedly preparing for Disney Shout-Out, a resort game which had just begun. I decided to join her, and we became Team Tigger.

During Disney Shout-Out, a cast member asked a question with multiple answers, which teams quickly jotted down on white boards. For every answer that matched one of the five on the host’s list, teams received one point. Although we arrived for the game after the first couple of rounds, we came back from behind and surprisingly won the contest, choosing the following prizes from a treasure box: two miniature waterproof footballs for my two brothers, and a Woody Pez dispenser for Mom and Dad, and a deck of cards for me.

Immediately after Disney Shout-Out, my family competed in Disney Trivia as Team Mickey. In this similar game, a cast member asked a question with only one correct answer. Questions were randomly selected. One point was awarded for each easy question, two for every medium one, and three for the difficult challenges. After the final question, we were tied with another team, resulting in overtime! In overtime, the cast member asked a question. Whoever gave the correct answer first, won. Nervous, yet eager, both teams hoped to write faster than the other. Although neither team knew the first answer, my family answered the second question correctly with less than a second to spare! We were given a chess board game and glow neck bands as the prize.

Two days later, we repeated the Disney Trivia challenge at our resort, All Star Sports, signing in as Team Goofy. Once again we skillfully and relatively easily defeated the other teams without going into a suspenseful overtime. Our prize was a Clue board game and more glow bands.

Here are some of the Disney Trivia questions we were asked. How many you can answer correctly?

1. What is the name of the monkey in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean?
2. What year was Walt Elias Disney (Walt Disney) born?
3. Who named Mickey Mouse?
4. In what year did Walt Disney create Mickey Mouse?
5. What was Mickey’s original name?
6. What is the name of Davy Jones’ ship in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean?
7. Who is the Indian princess that Peter Pan saved in Disney’s Peter Pan?
8. Who are the parents of the 101 dalmations in Disney’s 101 Dalmations?

Although challenging, we knew many of these questions from Disney games, movies, past vacations, and research for blogs we have written. Here are the answers:

1. Jack was the monkey’s name.
2. Walt Disney was born in 1901.
3. Lillian Disney named Mickey Mouse.
4. Mickey Mouse was created in 1928.
5. Mickey’s original name was Mortimer.
6. Davy Jones’ ship is the Flying Dutchman.
7. The Indian princess was Tiger Lily.
8. The Dalmatians’ parents were Pongo and Perdita.

Before the vacation, I never expected to become a Disney Trivia or Shout-Out champion. I challenge you to play a part in Disney Trivia on your next Disney vacation.

Mom and I with the hosts of Disney Trivia

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