Metallic Mickey Pumpkin Craft

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Metallic Mickey pumpkin craft

With fall upon us — even in areas of the country that are still feeling summer-like heat — it’s a perfect time to spruce up our homes with a touch of Disney. We’ll walk you through making a sweet and simple metallic Mickey pumpkin craft, using mostly dollar-store purchases and what you may already have around your house.


Metallic Mickey pumpkin craft

I purchased medium-sized pumpkins and sets of mini pumpkins at my local dollar store. I ended up making three pumpkin crafts with the combination of items. You can also find bags filled with pumpkins of several sizes at craft stores, which would be a cost-effective way to make several crafts.

The mini pumpkins had clips on the bottom for some reason, so I popped them off for a smooth finish.

I found it easiest to put holes in the pumpkins before they were painted. I made holes up through each base, plus the diagonal holes in the bigger pumpkins where we will attach the mini pumpkin “ears.”


Now it’s painting time! I chose a copper metallic paint to go with the “classy fall” look I have in my family room. Other options would be a bright orange with a painted jack-o-lantern face, or leaving the pumpkins’ natural finish.

I bough moss, floral foam , and small metal pots at a superstore. I had originally planned to use terra cotta pots but several stores I checked didn’t have the right size in stock (mine were 4 inches wide). You want a pot about the same diameter as your bigger pumpkin. I painted the pots with a different metallic paint I had left over from another project. Use what you have!


Hidden Mickey showing the floral foam cut down to fit in the pots

I hot-glued the foam into the pots and a healthy layer of moss on top of the floral foam. You want the moss to overflow the pot a little so the foam doesn’t show and the pumpkin appears nestled in the moss.

I kept the pumpkins skewered after they were painted and just cut down the skewers with garden shears to the correct length.

Metallic Mickey pumpkin craft

Through trial and error I discovered that it is easier to place the skewer into the foam base, then mount the pumpkin on top to get it straight and not push it too far through.

Metallic Mickey pumpkin craft

What’s Mickey without Minnie? I used some leftover ribbon to make a bow for a Minnie pumpkin to go with my Mickey.

Metallic Mickey pumpkin craft

This metallic Mickey pumpkin craft turned out to be abut 8 inches tall. I can see a giant version of this looking incredible. Maybe next fall I’ll have to try making it! If I can’t see Mickey pumpkins in the parks or eat pumpkin-flavored treats there, I can enjoy some Mickey magic at home.

I think I spent about $20 to make three pumpkin crafts. The biggest expenses were the spray paint and the pots (terra cotta would have been even cheaper). Hopefully you have some of the supplies hiding in your craft closet.

What Mickey-shaped crafts have you made? Share with us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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