Meeting Vi Moradi – the Resistance Spy at Galaxy’s Edge

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Meeting Vi Moradi, the Resistance Spy at Galaxy's Edge

There are so many fun characters to see and meet in Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge. Throughout the day Chewbacca, Rey, Kylo Ren, and First Order Stormtroopers roam around looking for recruits to join their respective causes. They are really fun to interact with and make guests feel like they’ve landed on a real planet from our favorite galaxy far far away.

Meeting Vi Moradi, the Resistance spy at Galaxy's Edge


There’s one other person who walks the Black Spire Outpost that you might not recognize right away, but she’s someone you’ll want to know. Her name is Vi Moradi.

Who is Vi Moradi?

She’s a Resistance spy sent by General Organa to establish a Resistance base on the planet Batuu. You won’t find her in any of the movies, but she is featured in two new canon books; Phasma and Black Spire, both written by Delilah S. Dawson. She’s steadily becoming one of my new favorite Star Wars characters. Her feisty personality and the vulnerability she shows in both books puts her at the top of my list of characters I’d like to know more about.


How do you meet her?

Meeting Vi Moradi can be tricky. She is a free roaming character, much like the others. She comes and goes without a set time or scheduled meet and greet. On my recent trip to Galaxy’s Edge, I had a hard time finding her. Galaxy’s Edge is truly so immersive that if you want to meet her, you have to be on the lookout. There’s no one place on Batuu where you’re guaranteed to spot her. She’s always on the move, running from the First Order. When I did catch up with her, she was easy to talk to and wanted to know what I could bring to the Resistance. I said hope; she liked that.

If you see her on your next visit to Batuu, be careful when you see the First Order. They will ask you where the Resistance spy is hiding and she’s counting on you to keep her secret safe! Meeting Vi Moradi, at Galaxy’s Edge is a fun experience for Star Wars fans that will leave you wanting to help the Resistance and join their cause. Have a little fun with it, and totally immerse yourself in the Galaxy’s Edge story. It’ll bring a little extra Disney magic to your trip.

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