Main Street’s Harmony Barber Shop

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By Stephanie Rouse

After many trips down Main Street U.S.A. throughout the years, my Disney-loving husband decided my family should finally try the Harmony Barber Shop. The barber shop offers haircuts, but we had heard of their “pixie dust” styling and were intrigued. Because this wasn’t exactly our first time around the World, this trip was dedicated to trying some of the lesser-known attractions. We were determined to have a few new experiences, while still finding the time to enjoy our tried-and-true favorites.

As soon as the Magic Kingdom opened, we headed to the barber shop, which is tucked into a quiet corner near Town Square, beside the Car Barn. The line didn’t look too long, so we jumped in. My husband and my two daughters stood in line behind a little boy, a baby there for his first haircut, a teenage boy, a little girl, and a man, there for a trim. My mom and I headed outside to wait.

From the line, we couldn’t see into the small shop. Gathering on benches near the entrance, family members waiting for those in line seemed happy to pass the time by talking with one another. While my mom and I waited, we were approached numerous times by vacationers wanting to know what character was inside! Many people just couldn’t understand waiting in a line for a hairstyle.

Although the line didn’t seem long, we waited an hour and 45 minutes before it was finally our turn! As I was the photographer for this particular venture, I made my way through the crowd into the shop. Finding a place to stand inside the small shop wasn’t easy: there are only two chairs and a counter for the cash register. Over to the right side, near the entrance, are a few more chairs for those waiting in line.

The store looks like a throwback to the barber shops of days past. Muted colors, beiges, browns, burgundy, and deep wood tones give a warmth to the small space. The mirrors behind the old-fashioned chairs give the room an open feeling, especially for such a packed area.

Rick was up first. He let the girls decide what color he would have in his hair. They chose…green with pixie dust! The stylist got right to work, painting a green Mickey head on the back of Rick’s head. She brushed on the color from a tube. Once the color was applied, she sprayed hairspray over it, to help the pixie dust cling. She styled the top, coating it with more green and hairspray, before tossing the pixie dust on. The pixie dust itself was much like the confetti you can see all over Disney World at parades, opening ceremonies, and sometimes even on tables that are decorated for birthday parties. It is the Mylar-type confetti, with various bright colors, and, the best part — Mickey heads!

The girls were next. Their hair is as opposite as their personalities: Abigail, with her long, wavy, thick hair, chose to have blue coloring. The stylist put her hair in ponytails and went to work. The blue was mixed with white, so she ended up with streaks of blue, light blue, and white in her hair! Of course, pixie dust topped it all. Kendall, with her short, sleek hair, was definitely going to be the easiest one for this busy stylist. Some red and white gel, sprinkled with pixie dust, and we were on our way!

Well, almost, on our way. My mom had come inside the shop to watch, and the stylist had her sit in the chair and sprayed her hair down with hairspray and gave her the pixie treatment! I was already on my way out of the shop, but was caught by the other stylist as she threw a handful of pixie dust in my hair, too.

Of course, the girls thought this was very funny…their mom with pixie dust falling all around her hair (and a bit on her face!). This also seemed to delight the crowd sitting on the benches outside, and those in line, who I am sure needed a good laugh to go with the wait they were enduring.

The pixie dust stayed in my hair much longer than I thought it would. Without the hairspray I figured one good Florida wind gust and it would be gone. It actually remained intact for a few hours.

Bargains at Walt Disney World are few and far between. Main Street’s Harmony Barber Shop is definitely among the few bargains! The total cost for three “Pixie Dust Treatments”: a serious bargain at $22.50! That’s right, only $7.50 per person. They didn’t charge anything for the pixie dust added to Mom’s hair…this was just a bit of free magic they threw in!

Although the shop is always crowded, it surprised me how many people still had no idea this experience is available. We were stopped numerous times throughout the day by fellow vacationers wanting to know how we had done this to our hair. I dare to say, the next day at the Main Street Barber Shop was even busier.


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