Magically Speaking Blasts from the Past

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By Erica Colmenares

Most people look back on the past year on the first of January. Since we’ve been parents, I tend to be more introspective in the summer. The kid’s passed another grade (whew!) and a new school year beckons. Recently, I had the opportunity to also look back on the mountain of writing we’ve done here at Magically Speaking over the last three plus years. Carol Garcia updated the Magically Speaking archives, and I took a trip down Memory Lane. In 88 issues, we’ve published over 176 articles. That’s a heck of a lot of Disney info!

Many of you may not have been around for all of these great articles. And you may be too busy to read all 176 articles today (gasp!). So, I’ve culled out a few highlights (although frankly, there isn’t a bad one in the bunch, and I’m definitely impartial).

A Couple I Wrote and Liked
The ones I wrote and didn’t like, well, I’m not linking to them. 😉

What are these babies, and how much do they cost?

A Sneak “Peak” at Expedition Everest
Woo-hoo, it’s finally opened, and I went to the AP Previews!

Beyond the Disney Dining Plan: Getting Groceries for a Walt Disney World Vacation
Hmmm, what about a little breakfast food and some soda for the room?

On-site or Off: The Perennial Question
I’m not biased. Nope, not me.

A Different Kind of Attraction: The Spa Massage
The Saratoga Springs Spa is NICE!

Carol Garcia Gets to Write Too!
Co-editor Carol Garcia puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) frequently. Here are some of my faves from her desk:

A Guide to First Time Cruising
Now that’s a vacation!

Relaxing at Walt Disney World
Or is THIS a vacation?

Disneyland Through a Disney World Veteran’s Eyes
The Garcia’s on the West Coast

On Top of the World (or at Least the Lodge)
The Garcia’s as Flag Family

Holidays Around the World Showcase
AKA How Many Santas Have YOU Seen Today?

New Year’s Eve in the World
Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The Mousefest Tag Team
Both Carol G. and I have written MouseFest articles over the years. Here are a few for your reading pleasure:

MouseFest in Review by Carol Garcia

MouseFest and You by Erica Colmenares

Who’s Up for MouseFest? I am, I am! by Erica Colmenares with contributions from various MouseForLess MouseFest attendees

The Regulars
We have a number of staff members who often write for Magically Speaking: Kate Abbott, Amy Clauss, Sarah DeMare, Susan Kirby, Michelle Leifur, Cristal Mezell, Deb Niarhos, Linda Norton, Teresa Pitman, Stephanie Rouse, and Carol Vandiver. While we can’t give an example of everyone’s writing, here’s a sampling:

Touring the Castle Suite by Teresa Pitman

Having a Magical Trip — No Matter How Crowded It Is by Kate Abbott

Disney’s Moderate Resorts by Linda Norton

Be Our Guest
We have had a number of articles from guest writers, including Zandra Anctil, Binnie Betten, Kim Button, Carol Darbonne, Ric Flack, Pam Forrester, Cara Goldsbury, David Grundler, Michael Hewell, D. Judson Hindes, Jane Jones, Brad K, and Lou Mongello. Again, a sampling:

The Tombstones and Creepy Old Crypts of the Haunted Mansion by Lou Mongello of

I-Drive’s Top 10 by Jane Jones (aka Jane in FL)

Surviving Hurricane Charlie at Walt Disney World by Ric Flack

A Coming-Out for a Princess by Binnie Betten

Discover the Sophisticated Side of Mickey Mouse by Cara Goldsbury

Club 33 Review by David Grundler (past Club 33 Reservation Winner)

And a slew of articles by Michael Hewell (TourGuideMiKE)
TourGuideMiKE meets TheMouseForLess

Should You Use the Fantasmic Dinner Package?

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party: Tickets, Timing and Dining

Going to the World, But Not the Parks

Magic Your Way Dining
We like to eat. We admit it. We’ve had a veritable buffet of articles about the Disney Dining Plan:

The Disney Dining Plan: Making a Good Value Great by Sarah DeMare

Getting the Most Bang for Your Dining Plan Buck by Stephanie Rouse

Is Magic Your Way Dining for You? by Erica Colmenares

Our Best Submissions: Yours
We always love sharing your wisdom. In these two articles, our readers took center stage:

Magical Moments in 2006

Next Time: Resolutions for a Better Vacation

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip through the Magically Speaking archives, as much as I did. And maybe we’ve all learned (or re-learned) something along the way.

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