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Published On Jan 10, 2013


My husband & I recently brought my Mom, Marcia, with us to experience all the Disney decorations and Christmas shows.  All she kept saying was “This is awesome.”  We had a wonderful week. (Submitted by Brenda F.)

Published On Jan 24, 2013

Thank you mommy for bringing me to Disney! Taken at Chef Mickey’s in December 2012. (Submitted by Lisa D.)

Published On Feb 7, 2013

This was a last minute surprise trip to Disney World!!! WE NEEDED TO SEE MICKEY!! My youngest (10yr old Emily) loves Mickey & my oldest (13 yr old Amber) loves Minnie! We had a great un-panned trip to MK. (Submitted by Cristina D.)

Published On Feb 21, 2013

pink princesses

Pink Princesses — Princess Aurora told Steffanie “I see we both love the color pink” and she was thrilled! (Submitted by Tracey S.)

Published On Mar 7, 2013



This past January we saw Minnie at the Character Spot in Epcot. Minnie wanted a kiss on the cheek from Davis in return for her autograph. He refused, so she kissed him!! He was so tickled and embarrassed at the same time! (Submitted by Cynthia B.)

Published On Mar 21, 2013



When the Photopass photographer told my 10 year old, Colin, to turn around and look grumpy, we had no idea what sort of “magic” she was going to add. This is one of my most favorite photos ever, though Colin is not a fan! (Submitted by Sharon W.)

Published On Apr 4, 2013



We had the time of our lives this past December as we were able to enjoy twice the fun from Disney, first 3 night cruise aboard the Disney Dream and then Xmas at the happiest place on earth. We were able to follow all your good advice, which helped us to take full advantage of our trip. `We are a party of 3 from Panama City, Panama and are looking forward to a visit to the WDW resort at the end of this year. (Submitted by The Rayos Family–Jose, Mirthela and Daphne)

Published On Apr 18, 2013



Waiting to meet Mickey at Animal Kingdom! (Submitted by Angela V.)

Published On May 2, 2013


Do we have to go? (Submitted by Becky D.)

Published On May 16, 2013

Disney Wed


Our Disney Wedding at the Polynesian with the Castle in the background (Submitted by Phinion W.)

Published On May 30, 2013



We had so much fun this vacation and made so many memories. (Submitted by The Criss Family)

Published On Jun 13, 2013



My husband Lindsay and I were there with my daughter, her husband our 2 of our grandchildren celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. When we went in to see Mickey and Minnie and told them that it was our 40th anniversary, which was Walt Disney World’s 40th at the time as well. The sweethearts knelt down in front of us and took a photo of Mickey giving Minnie a kiss while we shared one as well. So cute and was so much fun! (Submitted by Carol D.)

Published On Jun 27, 2013


In May 2013 my family made a trip to WDW. It was my husband and son’s first trip there. My husband (36) was more excited than my son (8). I was going to take a picture of my son’s expression when he saw the entrance but my husband’s expression was priceless! We are already planning to go back in the Fall of 2014. (Submitted by Celina C.)

Published On Jul 11, 2013

MM Disney - May 2013 - AK (160)

This picture was taken at Animal Kingdom in May 2013. Most of my family and I were down at the bottom of the hill waiting for Pooh to come off break so we could have our picture taken with him. My husband was not with us at the time. As we waited for my husband to catch up with us, we heard a commotion coming down the hill. We moved around the corner to see what was going on and here was my husband and Pooh skipping down the pathway together. I was able to capture the moment right before Pooh left him to go into the photo area. I laugh every time I look at this picture. (Submitted by Lois S.)

Published On Jul 25, 2013


This is one of my favorite Disney Family Pictures! We had just picked up Annual Passes and after a 24 hour car trip we were so excited for not only the trip we were about to begin to enjoy but also all the fun the coming year would bring us! (Submitted by Megan S.)

Published On Aug 8, 2013


Our 3 year old loved “Mater’s tractors”. This was his 1st visit to Disneyland and 2nd to a Disney Park. He declared on the 3rd time we rode it, “Best day ever, mom!”. Only Disney…(Submitted by Aimee B.)

Published On Aug 22, 2013


Enjoying his first cupcake during his first birthday celebration at Crystal Palace. (Submitted by Stacey B.)

Published On Sep 5, 2013



This is a picture of our son Matthew. We were leaving our hotel room at Caribbean Beach and heading to Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios. He was very very excited!!!! He loves Star Wars and it was his first trip to Disney. He had so much fun. (Submitted by Vanessa P.)

Published On Sep 19, 2013


Mickey was wandering on the Disney Dream and grabbed my son Eli’s hand and just walked around with him! They walked around together for a while. Then Mickey walked him over to the side of the boat and pointed out some things onshore. You can’t get that in Walt Disney World! (Submitted by Bekka C.)

Published On Oct 3, 2013

MM Angi's Iphone Pictures 298

Boogie Down in Animal Kingdom! (Submitted by Angi)

Published On Oct 17, 2013


My grandson Chase has been my Disney partner since he was two years old. At 19, he still grabs my hand. My grandson Caleb, 9, still wants to go on rides with me because I protect him when it’s scary. It brings a tear to this grandmother’s eye to see a picture of us walking into Magic Kingdom. (Submitted by Jill K.)

Published On Oct 31, 2013


A group hug with Chip ‘n’ Dale at Epcot (Samantha is being hugged by Dale on the left, Alexandra is being hugged by Chip on the right) (Submitted by Matt D.)

Published On Nov 14, 2013


My family celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary at Walt Disney World on June 25, 2013 (Submitted by Bob E.)

Published On Nov 29, 2013


During our family’s magical Disney Christmas trip, the girls loved the “santa’s” of the world that can be found throughout Epcot’s World Showcase! (Submitted by Michael S.)

Published On Dec 12, 2013



Last year I took my dad for his first and only trip to WDW over Thanksgiving. The trip could not have been any better and it was the best one I have ever been on too. Thanksgiving day we were at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and there were no lines. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Dad loved Christmas and the light displays around town so I couldn’t wait to share the Streets of America with him after dark. It was truly amazing. On our last day at MK we had just crossed from Adventureland to Frontierland and while I was in a shop, dad was trying on hats at a little cart. My friend took pictures of him and I would like to share my favorite with you. I lost my dad in September so the holidays have been terrible so far. We definitely made some magical memories that week and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take him. He originally just thought it was going to be another amusement park but when we saw the first peek of the castle from the road driving in, you would have thought he was a kid again. Dad told me every night how much he appreciated me taking him and that he had no words to express how he felt. All of us who have been to WDW understand what he wanted to say. (Submitted by Kristi B.)

Published On Dec 26, 2013

Disney 2008 219

This is Patrick during his first visit to Walt Disney World for his 4th birthday. (Submitted by Celeste R.)

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