A Magical Disney Surprise for Adults

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MFL Christmas Main

New Shirts for Our Trip

I have written many posts about how much I love to plan Disney vacations.   I am the researcher, I am the planner, I am the organizer.   And I love every minute of it.  This means I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to surprise our kids and make it special for them by adding extra magic to our trip.  This June, as I have mentioned in previous posts, we are taking a big family trip to celebrate our daughter’s and my dad’s birthdays as well as my sister’s graduation.  I once again have been digging into our research and plotting how to make the trip special for everyone involved.  

This Christmas I wanted to add some Disney magic to the day by giving some Disney themed gifts.  I bought planning books for each group that is going along and marked our dining reservations that have been made for all of us (more on this process in a soon to come blog post).  A Cinderella MagicBand for my sister was a surprise for her, as well.  There are so many ways to add magic to our trip and I love searching and finding new, creative ways to make our trips even more magical.  The only downside to being the one planning the surprises however is that I am not the one who is ever surprised.  This Christmas, that all changed.

MFL Christmas Shirts

Magically Matching Shirts

This Christmas we were all surprised by my mom as she added the magic to our trip in a fun way for all.   It started with brightly colored matching Disney shirts that will allow us to see one another in the summer crowds and make for some fun pictures.  Although not all are excited about matching or being bright, I loved the shirts as they seemed to bring the trip into reality.  These fun shirts she had made for all eight of us, in two different colors, was the first thing that I hadn’t planned for the trip making them so special to me.  

MFL Christmas Start

Scavenger Hunt Begins

Our surprise continued with a scavenger hunt around their house.   As one that has never been on a Disney trip scavenger hunt, I realized a few things.  One, although I am good at creating scavenger hunts for a Disney trip, I am not very good at figuring them out.  It was a good thing I had my kids, husband, sister and brother-in-law to help.  Two, they are awesome.  Even though I wasn’t very good at the clues, it was still fun to work together to try to figure it out as a group.  Not only did my mom use clues about our family members, but she used items around the house that were special to us as a family.

MFL Christmas Scav

Ten Clues

After ten clues up and down the steps (which young kids thought was silly and the adults thought was tiring) the scavenger hunt wrapped up under the Christmas tree as we were given money to help with the expense of the trip.  This was an generous and unexpected gift.  Again being on the receiving end of a surprise like this made me realize that even as a grown up one can be brought to tears through the magic of Disney.

MFL Christmas Minni

A Fun Surprise at Our Resort

No matter who you are going to Disney with or how old or young the members of your trip are I highly recommend taking sometime to make some Disney magic of your own at home before you go.  Whether it is a scavenger hunt like my mom did for spending money or Disney prizes or maybe small gifts leading up to your trip these little things make a big magical impression.  I am so grateful that my mom took time to get these shirts for us, setup a scavenger hunt and being willing to help financially with the trip.  I absolutely loved my first experience with a magical adventure.

Have you ever participated in or created a fun magical surprise? Tell us about it in the comments!

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