Magic with the Disney Fairies

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My daughter has loved the Disney princesses since she was two.  It all started with Cinderella and has grown with every new princess movie we watch.  This year, Elsa was the first to push Cinderella out of the first place rank in five years.  Although she loves Elsa and Anna, she has become more interested lately in the Disney fairies.  As we watch more movies and read more books, I am starting to think these fairies have something to offer.


We were late to the fairy party starting just recently with reading random books we’d received from the Disney book club.  In each of these books, my daughter became more and more interested in what the talents were of each fairy and how that talent would work in different situations.  As her interest grew, I started to look for more books for her.


This is when we started reading “The Never Girls” series.  In these books, a group of friends find themselves in Never Land with Tinker Bell and all her friends.  Together the girls and fairies overcome challenges while learning more about themselves.    I love the messages these books have throughout.   Not only do each of the fairies have their talents, but the girls do as well and everyone is cherished for being unique.  What a great message to send young girls.

We also just recently watched Secret of the Wings where Tinker Bell discovers she has a sister Periwinkle who lives in Winter Woods.  I felt that the determination, teamwork and passion that was demonstrated throughout this film sent another great message to young kids.  My daughter absolutely loved it, as she could see the talents come to life before her.

With the new film The Pirate Fairy just coming out, we have been reading this book.  Once again, my daughter enjoys learning about the talents of each of the fairies and I love how this story once again shows teamwork as well as perseverance by the fairies.  Even though their talents are mixed up, they learn to adjust and use their new talents to the best of their abilities.  It also has a great surprise at the very end that made my daughter wanting to read more.  What parent doesn’t love that!

We will always love the princesses, but if you are looking for something beyond Elsa this coming holiday season I would recommend looking for some pixie dust with Tinker Bell and her fairy friends.


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