So Minnie Unicorns: Lularoe Collection for Disney

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 Lularoe Collection for Disney

Lularoe released it’s Collection for Disney last year.  Since it’s initial launch, it has had several other releases and introduced new styles to the collection.  If you are a fan of Disney clothing it may be worth checking out.  I can personally say that I have fallen for the collection (and have built quite the collection myself!).

New to Lularoe?

Some quick backstory…  Lularoe is a direct sales, multi-level marketing company that launched in 2012.  The company has found itself in the news for a variety of reasons – it has gained a significant following by many fashionistas who love the “buttery soft leggings” and bright patterns but it has also seen a great deal of controversy.  (That is an entirely different topic, but can’t go without mentioning.)  The clothing line offers a variety of styles including women’s, children’s, and men’s.  Items are purchased through independent consultants and there are quite a few sales groups that can be found on Facebook.

The stereotypical leggings photo…
My tigger leggings are probably one of my favorites from the Lularoe Collection for Disney!

My Experience

As I mentioned, I definitely fell for the Disney collection.  My personal collection consists of the leggings, Carly, Cassie, Irma, Classic Tee, and the Perfect Tee.  There is a wide variety of patterns and a lot of different characters represented in the collection.  Some characters are nearly impossible to find (like The Little Mermaid, for example) while others are quite common and relatively easy to find (Alice in Wonderland comes to mind).

These are just a few of the Disney Lularoe patterns that have found their way into my closet.

To give an idea of prices, the Disney Carly dresses are $65 suggested retail.  The Disney Classic shirts run $40.  The adult leggings will set you back $30.  (Note that these are the suggested retail prices.  Because Lularoe consultants are independent, they have freedom to price their personal inventory as they see fit.)

Lularoe at Disney World

As you might imagine, the Lularoe Collection for Disney appeared to be immensely popular with park goers during our last trip to Disney World.  I personally loved sporting my tops during our vacation!

I got so many compliments on my Kermit Irma!
It was perfectly themed for our day at Hollywood Studios last fall.

I will say that I was grateful that we were traveling in the cooler weather of the fall.  All of the shirts and dresses that I own from the Lularoe Collection for Disney are made of 95% polyester/5% spandex – this is perfectly comfortable in Florida in the fall but I would certainly not choose to wear the material blend during the more hot and humid months.  If you’re going to be traveling in the heat, be sure to check out these tips on how to stay cool!

Hunting for Unicorns

In the Lularoe community, a “unicorn” is a highly sought after style or print.  They are often extremely difficult to find.  And, unfortunately, I have not found it uncommon for the prices to sore outrageously high for these items.

I was lucky enough to find one of my unicorns in an online sale group listed at the suggested retail price.  I can’t wait to wear it when we get a chance to first see Toy Story Land later this year!

The Toy Story alien Irma top that was one of my “unicorn” items.

The same top was available on Ebay, but I just couldn’t justify paying twice the retail cost for a shirt.  That being said, there is a large amount of items that can be found at Ebay – some at retail price, some below, and some outrageously high.  I was able to find my Mickey Carly dress on Ebay for a reasonable price, so I won’t dismiss it as a valid option if there is something specific you are looking for.


Have you tried the Lularoe Collection for Disney?  Tell us about your experience in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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