Laundry on the Disney Dream

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I know that going on vacation should mean that you get to leave all the tasks of daily life behind and this includes laundry. But, there is always that occasion that requires the use of the laundry facilities on the ship.

They do offer a laundry service but, if you want to do the laundry on your own, Disney has made that possible too. On the Dream there are 7 launderettes (in comparison to 3 on the Magic and Wonder). There is one laundry on each floor with guest staterooms.

Disney has even made it easy to use these. They use your Key to the World Card as payment method for the machines and for the laundry soap.

The laundry room has a central control station that they call a Cashless Station. When you enter the laundry room you will see a bank of washers and dryers and somewhere nearby the cashless station. The cashless station will assign you an available washer or dryer. You will then swipe your Key to the World card and complete the rest of the transaction on the machine.

The machines are not full size washers and dryers so plan you loads accordingly.

Washers and Dryers each take approximately 45 minutes per cycle. Laundry rooms are open 24 hours. Please be courteous to your fellow shipmates when you are using the laundry room to ensure that you don’t disturb anyone in nearby staterooms.

The laundry rooms locations are:
Deck 2 across from stateroom 2002
Deck 5 across from stateroom 5190
Deck 6 across from stateroom 6508
Deck 7 across from stateroom 7014
Deck 8 across from stateroom 8150
Deck 9 across from stateroom 9500
Deck 10 across from stateroom 10572

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