Knowledge is Power: Quick Planning Tips to Share

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When you are someone who LOVES Walt Disney World, the people around you tend to notice.  What gives it away?  Well, it usually starts with the need to wear Disney character t-shirts or having a purse or tote bag with a character on it.  Or there is the ever popular key chain.  Sometimes you can tell a Disney fan by their ring tone on their phone or the fact that any time you talk to them and ask how they are, they respond with how they just got back from yet another great Disney trip!

I’ve been known for all of these things!

So when you get a “reputation” for being an unofficial Walt Disney World expert, people come to you with all kinds of questions about how they, too, can book a Disney vacation.  Unfortunately, most people ask this while you’re on line at the supermarket or the bank or someplace else where you don’t have your Mary Poppins bag full of vacation planning paraphernalia!  I guess that’s another way they know you’re a Disney addict – use character references in your every day conversations!

So, when you are on the spot and someone wants some free and quick advice on what they need to do to start planning their family’s magical trip in thirty seconds or less,  this is what I’d suggest:

1. Order the free vacation planning DVD & watch with the entire family before you go.
2. Read through as many guide books as you can and take notes!
3. Shop around for the best deals before you book.
4. Make a touring plan based on what YOUR family wants to see.
5. Research restaurants & make your advanced dining reservations on time.
7. Stay up to date on what is going on at WDW via the internet so that there are no unpleasant surprises (like ride closings) when you arrive.
8. Set up a souvenir spending budget before you leave home.
9. Rev up/get in shape by walking with your family before you leave for your trip.
10. Remember that this is supposed to be FUN!!!

The difference between a Walt Disney World vacation and most others is that you really need to go with a plan.  Even though the vacation packages can be all-inclusive, you still need to get your bearings before you leave home because Walt Disney World is too massive of a complex to just walk around and “wing it”.

In the past we had friends who booked a trip on the spur of the moment with no planning and they came home and shared what a terrible time they had!  Why?  They had no idea where they were going, what they were doing and what the rides were about!  A simple trip to the library to get a guidebook could have solved a LOT of those issues.

So share your Disney knowledge with anyone who asks but remember:  not everyone is ready for you to unveil your hour-long presentation with slide show.  Offer quick and simple advice to get them started and then be ready to answer questions later on.

Sharing is caring!


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