July 3rd at Magic Kingdom (Shh, It’s the Best Kept Secret in the World!)

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In recent years, my husband, Jim, and I have started going to Disney World every year over the 4th of July.  It is becoming such a tradition that my screen name on many Disney related sites is DisneyEveryJuly. We don’t mind the heat or the crowds and we love the 4th.

But I’m going to tell you something not everyone knows. Something that allows us to celebrate my favorite holiday TWO DAYS IN A ROW!

Many people have heard about the Magic Kingdom crowds on Independence Day. We have been there a couple of times when the park was full to capacity. Of the four parks, Magic Kingdom by far has the most impressive 4th of July show. (Well to be fair, Animal Kingdom does not have one so it can’t be compared.) Hollywood Studios and Epcot are respectable but Magic Kingdom’s is…well, magical. As a lover of fireworks, I never tire of watching the beautifully choreographed show that plays out over Cinderella’s castle, around the park, and then is mirrored over Seven Seas Lagoon. It is amazing and I have yet to remain dry-eyed when those patriotic songs play as a symphony of color lights up the sky. People who don’t understand why we vacation here year after year really just need to see this once.

But what if I now told you I have never seen this on the 4th of July. How do you think I know what Hollywood Studios and Epcot are like on the 4th? Because that’s where we go! Why? Because we were able to do the 4th on the 3rd at Magic Kingdom! Magic Kingdom celebrates both days and they do their full fireworks both nights. For us this has worked out very well. Magic Kingdom has not felt as crowded on the 3rd (although overall attendance seemed to be down a bit this last year.) We still usually stake a claim for our seat several hours before showtime. This is my least favorite part of the process but it does guarantee us a great view of the show. I just hate losing out on time in the park.  I’ve talked Jim into the Wishes Dessert Party for 2011 so keep your fingers crossed that it’s still being offered by July.

The July 3rd performance also allows us to celebrate again the next night at a different park.  I like going to Hollywood Studios because then not only do I get to see 4th of July fireworks, but I also get to see Fantasmic (could it get much better than that?)

Now remember, this is just between us. If I get there this year and Magic Kingdom is swamped on the 3rd, I’ll know you told your friends! Oh, and if you see me, make sure you have a 4th of July pin to trade me for!

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