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Well I began the now annual journey to see if I could be chose to be a member of the Disney Mom’s Panel.  I have attempted each and every year to be chose for the Mom’s Panel with no success.  I remember the first year attempting this not necessarily knowing what I was signing up for, but a trip to Walt Disney World and the possibility of what could be was enough.  We now know that this group is well worth the effort that it takes to join, but so do thousands of other applicants.  This makes this one of the toughest job interviews you will ever go through.  So as I sat down this year to go for it again I wondered what questions they might ask and how I could form answers that might catch the eye of the judges.

One thing that is different this year is that are more options for the panel this year such as: Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney.  You could also select Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort as dual choice.  Even though I had the privilege of growing up a short distance from Disneyland I did not select this option since I have not regularly visited so I just stuck with Walt Disney World.  Then you got to answer a trivia question about the specific park that you chose to be a panel member of.  The question was simple enough but if you did not read it carefully I could see how it might possibly trip someone up.  Be careful to read it completely, kind of sound like a teacher don’t I?  The next question asked you to describe why you love the resort you signed up for, but in 100 words or less.  This was difficult for me but I believe this stipulation to show if you have the ability to be expressive yet concise in your responses.  I can imagine as panelist that you have many questions to answer and you want to give good information but you also need to be able to give it quickly and concisely.

I think the whole process took me about 3o to 45 minutes to complete but I took some time to consider my responses and make sure they were clear and expressed what I wanted to say.  I would say my overall impression of the process is that Disney always has had their reasons for how they have chosen the panelists in the past and these questions are how they will sift through the thousands of applicants.  I would love to be a fly on the wall as they go through the applicants and narrow them down to the final numbers because the process has to be difficult in many ways.  I guess all we can do is put down the best answers we can and then cross our fingers and wish for the Disney magic.  I know that I will always go for this panel regardless of whether or not I ever get chosen.  I love that Disney gives its fans a chance to be a part of something that is special and that would allow us to share our love of Disney with thousands of people across the world.  So I hope you will go for the panel as well, and if you make it let me in on your secret so I can join you next time.

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