Imagineering Dream: What Movie Attraction Would You Want?

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Back when my son was in middle school, he dreamed of being an Imagineer. We created curriculum around it, bought all kinds of books on the Disney Imagineers and theme park engineering and he even took an online college-level course on it (and aced it!). So maybe that’s why I find myself all these years later, still coming up with ideas on how I would “improve” the parks with my own ride/attraction ideas.

I sometimes wonder how some ride ideas come in to play and how others get overlooked. The news release of an “Avatar” attraction coming to Animal Kingdom sort of had me scratching my head. I mean I guess it makes sense and the movie was a huge success so it will draw crowds but I still am a firm believer in keeping Disney in Disney. The new “land” going up in Fantasyland looks and sounds like it is going to wonderful and totally fitting in with what Disney does best – which is having attractions based on Disney movies!

So what would you like to see made in to an attraction? I would have loved to see a ride based on the Incredibles; something like Star Tours where Mr. Incredible was doing his whole fight scene on the island where he tackled the Omnidroid and we are along for the ride. Or how about something like chasing 101 Dalmatians through Cruella DeVille’s house? Think of it being a little like the layout of Winnie the Pooh or Snow White’s Scary Adventure but maybe a little more intense – say with a twist like Primeval Whirl thrown in.

I think that the Magic Carpet’s of Aladdin is a poor dedication to such a great movie! That would be another great 3-D adventure as an actual magic carpet ride (like they did in Disney Quest) or perhaps a tour of the Cave of Wonders? That could be set up a little like Soarin or to make it more thrilling, it could be like Rock N’ Roller Coaster where instead of a limo over Los Angeles, it would be a magic carpet ride over Agrabah.

I’d love to see part of Hollywood Studios do more for the TV shows of the Disney Channel like “The Wizards of Waverly Place” or “The Suite Life”; shows that the tweens like. I think it would be fun to see some of the cars from the movie “Cars” in the Lights, Motor, Action! cars show, too!

And a final Imagineering wish, wouldn’t it be fun to go through Monstropolis and follow the paths of all of those doors? How fun would that be? Going through rooms and seeing Monsters in action and maybe, like in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, you get points for your screams? I think that would be highly amusing to have a scream meter (or laugh meter) on your ride vehicle to track your progress.

So what about you, my fellow Disney fans, what movie do you wish was represented more around the Disney parks?

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