Hidden in Plain Sight: Making Every Day Magical with Disney Decorations

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A challenge for many Disney fans is how to bring some of the magic of the parks back home with us. While some fans might convert whole rooms of their houses into Disney tributes, I think having little special reminders hidden in plain sight can not only allow you to show visitors your Disney love without overwhelming them, but also provide special reminders to you as you go through your everyday life.

While there are countless ways you might do this, here are a few of my favorites.


Starting with the obvious, while at Disney World most people end up taking a lot of pictures. While displaying those at all can help remind of special memories, you can amplify those feelings with the right frame.

tim hidden parks frame

In our house, these include one referencing the four parks, a special one for the year of our trip, and one celebrating my wife’s favorite ride (the Tower of Terror).

tim hidden tower frame

tim hidden 2014 frame


Something else many of us come home from a Disney Trip with is a bunch of souvenirs. Some of these might be seasonal, especially things like Christmas ornaments, but choosing a few special souvenirs to sneak into the rest of your house decorations can add a special pop.

tim hidden mickey stuff on shelf

tim hidden ear hat

I particularly like to showcase souvenirs that bring me back to a specific time or a special occasion. Sometimes this means things referencing specific years (I have these pennants in my garage so I can have a little Disney magic whenever I go to or come back from work).

tim hidden pennants

My wife and I also like to get magnets to commemorate each trip we take. Since we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, these are another great way to remind you of a special memory.

tim hidden magnet 1

Some other ones include a sword and wand from Cinderella’s Royal Table, a special birthday mat signed by the princesses, and one of my personal favorite Disney World souvenirs.

tim hidden mickey drawing

This drawing came from when they still had working animators in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and I somehow lucked into getting the example Mickey drawing the artist did during the tour. While this is special enough, years later we realized that the date on this drawing is my wife’s birthday.

tim hidden world showcase


As I have mentioned before, my wife loves Eeyore. As you might imagine, having an avowed love of someone like Eeyore means that you get lots of Eeyore’s as presents. As such, she has amassed a large collection of Eeyore related items over the years, and keeps many of them together in a spare bedroom at home. This room is also where she works on days where she works from home, so at those moments during the day where she might need a little pick-me-up, Eeyore is there.

tim hidden eeyores

Also, having that many Eeyore’s is handy when you take pictures of pets in costumes.

tim hidden costume

Besides those Eeyores, we also have a large Eeyore hugging a Grumpy doll (obviously I’m the Grumpy one) and as a unit they are wearing a Disney Lanyard with our pins and celebration buttons from past trips. We have them tucked in an almost hidden space so they are always out, but also not always visible.

tim hidden grumpy eeyore

I have written before about Disney Infinity, and what I said before still holds true. The figures you get to interact with the game are well designed and fun and you could fill a whole display case with the figures from the game. For our purposes today, however, choosing one or two favorites and mixing them in on a book shelf can provide you an opportunity to show them off without dedicating a lot of space.

tim hidden infinity

One special example of this for me deals with the Genie from Aladdin. When Aladdin came out I think I was in the middle of the target demographic for the movie. As such, I ended up with a lot of Genie toys, which I still have (I want to take a moment to tell my wife how much I love her and her patience and understanding).

One special example of these Genies relates to one of my other passions – music. I am a musician and over the years have had many an occasion to perform in public on a variety of instruments, including the drum set. Whenever I have my drums set up, whether for a performance or in my home, you can always find a little Genie just above the bass drum.

tim hidden genie

Everything Else

One great thing about being a Disney fan is that you can find fun and unique Disney items all over. Whether you are going through the garden section of your local department store

tim hidden garden

Shopping for cards and coming upon a special statue

tim hidden love eeyore

tim hidden mickey and animal

Or trying to find something to remind you of how many Tablespoons really are in a half a cup

tim hidden measurement

You can add little Disney touches to your day with the right placement. Once again, the idea of this isn’t to theme a room to look like the Tiki Room or remodel your kitchen after the end of Space Mountain (although there is nothing wrong with that if you want). The idea here is to add enough special reminders of special memories that not only your guests can discover them, but you too can rediscover them and be brought back to the magic yourself.

tim hidden dishwasher

What are your favorite ways to hide Disney in plain sight around your home? What are your favorite Disney decorations? Share them in the comments section!

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