Harmony Barber Shop First Haircut Package Review

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Harmony Barbershop First Haircut Package Review


As a Disney family, it was a given that our son’s first haircut would happen at Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA Magic Kingdom. Harmony Barber Shop is located just past City Hall on the corner of Main Street, USA.

Harmony Barber Shop serves as a traditional barbershop, however, their specialty is the My First Haircut Package ($25). Included in this package is a certificate of your child’s first haircut, a lock of hair, Mickey ears, and as many stickers as your child can handle.

We made reservations 2 months prior to our planned trip to Walt Disney World. It is highly encouraged to make reservations as far out as possible as spots are limited. Walks ups may be served, but you may be waiting several hours with no guarantee.

We arrived 15 minutes prior to our appointment and were actually seated immediately.

The inside of the barbershop is very themed which we enjoyed. Aesthetically, when you walked in you felt like you were entering an early 1900s barbershop in the Midwest. The barbershop itself is not very large. There are only three barber’s chairs inside, however, they do have a small waiting area for guests.


Harmony Barbershop First Haircut Package Review


Right away, we could tell how incredible of a decision this was.

Our barber Susan began by covering our son in stickers, which served as a great distraction. Our son was 10 months at the time so we were not sure what to expect.  While he was playing with stickers, she started cutting away at his hair. Occasionally Susan would stop and cover a comb with stickers and let him play with that.

Harmony Barbershop First Haircut Package Review

Harmony Barbershop First Haircut Package Review

Within a few minutes she was finished, no tears, no screams, nothing but giggles and smiles. Susan staged great photo opportunities for us to help remember the day. At the end, she wrote up our son’s certificate and we were done.

Harmony Barbershop First Haircut Package Review

Harmony Barber Shop First Haircut Package Review

Overall, the experience was first class. Susan was in complete control of our son and the haircut. Our son had a fantastic time and we were able to snap tons of photos while it all happened. If you have, an appointment they get you in quickly and the whole process itself will take less than a half an hour. For those wondering if this is the right thing for your child I highly recommend it!


Prices for Harmony Barber Shop are:

My first haircut package $25

Childs Haircut (9 and under) $18

Adult Haircut $19


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