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By Carol Garcia

It has been a year since we debuted the updated version of Magically Speaking. And what a year it has been! As with any new endeavor, this one has not been without its challenges. But through it, we have more than tripled our readership. We have given away 25 pins and one set of Disney lithographs. We have awarded two lucky winners trips to the exclusive Club 33. One reader is even going to DisneyQuest courtesy of Magically Speaking and TicketMomma. With your input, we have continued to make our format more reader-friendly, including answers to questions you have and tips you would like to share.

There have been changes, not only here at Magically Speaking, but at Disney parks worldwide. Some changes have been for the better.

Remember that Passholder Best Rate system, that was, shall we say, not so beneficial to pass holders? It’s gone – proof that sometimes the way we are doing things now is the right way.

The strain on seeing Cinderella while dining in her castle was eased when she chose to stay for the lunch seating as well. And it will remain to be seen if it is even easier to get in with the new pricing structure.

But of course, the biggest news of the year is still happening – The Happiest Celebration on Earth. This has brought more rejuvenation throughout Disney parks worldwide than any other event at Disney. Of course, this is Disneyland’s 50th birthday and it is only fitting that the birthday park received a big makeover. There is fresh paint and golden icons throughout the park. The castle has a fresh regal look about it. Not to be left out of the party, Walt Disney World received some gifts of its own. Soarin’ made its debut at Epcot to the thrill of park guests. Cinderellabration came for a visit from Japan. Light, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show came over from Paris to thrill guests at MGM.

Years of planning and watching large pieces of steel turn into a beautiful mountain resulted in the newest attraction at Disney World – Expedition Everest. Although the “official” opening hasn’t happened yet, previews and soft openings have indicated that this ride is going to be a favorite for years to come.

California also had its share of new attractions. Most notably, a redesigned Space Mountain finally opened at Disneyland. This is an entirely new ride, from the track to the sound system. Monsters, Inc. has debuted at Disney’s California Adventure. Although it isn’t a thrill ride, it takes us through scenes from this beloved movie.

And then there is Magical Express. Disney decided what better way to get guests to spend more time on property than to get them there for free. And to make life even easier, they will take your luggage from the plane straight to your hotel room without making guests lift so much as a finger. Now, will this service remain free? Well, we’ll have to wait for next year to sort out that one.

So what does the next year have it store for us?

Well, with Disney, there are always a few surprises in store.

The first challenge will be getting used to the new All-Star Family Suites. Although guests can now book them, the real test will be when the first guests arrive in June and give us their reviews.

Pirates of the Caribbean will reopen in the summer at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Characters from the popular movie of the same name will be added to the attraction, which is a new twist. In the past, movies have dictated rides. Now an attraction has inspired a ride, which inspired a change to a classic.

Of course, the list of changes is never-ending and ever-changing. So, to keep up with the latest, continue reading Magically Speaking. We will continue providing a source for Disney news, information and fun. We look forward to another fun-filled year!

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Ready to get more information or to book your Universal Orlando vacation? Learn More.

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