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By Melissa Bejer

Be Our Guest Menu

Entering into New Fantasyland, there was an enchanting energy that came over me. Looking up past Belle’s cottage, I could see Beast’s Castle in the background.  Thankfully, I was in Walt Disney World, one of the few places on the planet where it is socially acceptable to jump up and down in excitement and I did just that!  My enthusiasm was contagious, as my non-Disney fan husband seemed to be enjoying the anticipation as much as I was.

Since reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant are not the easiest to obtain, I felt a sense of gratitude knowing when I checked in at the top of the bridge leading to the restaurant, I would be granted a pager, letting us know when our table would be ready.  While this particular dinner was not my first meal at Be Our Guest, it was my husband’s first time, and I wanted it to be as special as possible.  I asked the Cast Member at the check-in booth if we could be seated in the West Wing.  She assured me they would do their best to honor my request.  My husband was a little nervous my request would mean the wait for our table would be longer, and he insisted it didn’t matter to him where we sat.  I assured him that the wait would be worth it.

Under normal circumstances, waiting is not my favorite thing.  However, waiting for our Be Our Guest table was actually one of my favorite parts of the experience.  Standing on the bridge, taking in the sight and sound of the waterfall in the background, it was a beautiful experience that could get overlooked if you got rushed right into the Be Our Guest Ballroom restaurant.  Soaking it all in, still excited with anticipation, within 5 minutes our buzzer went off.

I thought for sure that because our buzzer went off, we would not get a chance to sit in the West Wing, but as we met up with the Cast Member that was seating us, she quickly assured us that our table was indeed in the West Wing.  More WDW socially acceptable squealing with delight ensued.

As we walked through the restaurant, the Cast Member gave us the tour of the ballroom.  It was just as beautiful as I remembered it.  The chandeliers were glistening, and as I looked across the ballroom, the snow was falling outside.  We were also instructed as to where Beast would be meeting guests after our meal.  In my ever building excitement, it was quite possible I s Enchanted Rose at Be Our Guest kipped through the ballroom as we made our way to the West Wing.

We were seated in what I now deem as the perfect spot.  Given the other patrons of the restaurant tend to explore the West Wing during/after their meal, spots near the fireplace or the enchanted rose display can see more foot traffic.  We were tucked away in the corner on the opposite side of the room.  There was no one behind us, and the quiet candlelit room was very cozy.  For me, the subtle darkness of the room, not only  epitomizes the ambiance of the movie, but is part of the charm.

The staff was exceptionally friendly, but it wasn’t at all forced.  Our waitress discussed the menu with us a bit, and my husband and I decided to order the Braised Pork cooked with mushrooms, onions, carrots and bacon served with green beans and mashed potatoes.  We didn’t wait long before our drinks and warm bread were served to us.  I enjoyed watching my husband soaking in the West Wing, hearing the thunderstorm penetrating through the room as we indulged in the delicious bread.  Poison Apple Cupcake

Dinner was fabulous.  The braised pork almost tasted like a pot roast to me, it was so tender.  I enjoyed every morsel.  During our meal, I watched as our waitress wheeled the dessert cart to her other tables.  From the vantage point at my table, the colorful sweet treats looked like works of art.  I think I unconsciously started to eat my dinner more quickly than I normally would have in order to get to dessert that much faster.

Soon it was our turn to gaze at the dessert cart.  One of each?  I had to admit, I was considering the option.  I opted for the seasonal cupcake (it was Halloween during this trip) and there was a Poison Apple cupcake that was calling my name.  With purple frosting, some green apple sauce dabbed on top, and a chocolate candy The Gray Stuff witches hat covering the green apple sauce, the taste of the cupcake was as delicious as it looked.

My husband opted for the Grey Stuff cupcake.  We decided to split the desserts with each other so we could sample the best of both worlds.  I enjoyed the Poison Apple cupcake, but the Grey Stuff was well beyond delicious.  There was a brief moment that I thought of ordering a second helping of Grey Stuff (even though I was completely stuffed) when our waitress explained the Grey Stuff cupcake was Beast at Be Our Guest also on the lunch menu.  I thought I would quit while I was ahead, as we had plans for lunch at Be Our Guest in just a few days.

On our way out of the castle, we were told that Beast was accepting guests to meet with him.  As we turned to look in the area where there he was waiting, and with no one in line.  We decided to say hello to our host, and took a few pictures.  It was a great way to end our wonderful dinner.


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