When I get a Round Tuit….

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We all have those projects especially scrapbookers.  We know we’re going to make a beautiful album, “when I get around to it” but what can we do to make the project easier to complete in the meantime?  Here are some helpful tips.

Before you go on your trip

  1.  Have a way to gather and collect your travel documents, memorabilia, etc.  I use a trip folder.  Some people use a manila envelope.  Scrapbookers tend to save everything until they know exactly what they are going to put in the album including receipts so having one place to store everything is helpful.  Pack it in your suitcase or carry-on bag and it’s ready whenever you have something to drop in it.  Ziploc bags also work really well.
  2. Decide how you want to keep notes.  You’ll never remember all of the details that you want to journal when you finally get to work on that project so having your daily journals or notes will help spark those memories back when it’s time to write.  With smart phones or tablets, keeping a daily journal is even easier.  I tend to set aside the last part of my evening every night of a trip to make my notes or write in my journal so that the details are all there waiting for me.

On your trip

  1.  Take pictures of things that will help mark your trip or help you remember information.  Signs, placards, etc are great for that especially the historical markers with lots of information on them.  Even taking a photo or screen shot of the day’s headlines can help you remember important things that happened during that event, trip or whatever topic you are making your album about if you will use that information later.
  2. Save everything.  It’s so much easier to go back and sort it out later.
  3. Don’t go overboard now but do pick up some of those scrapbook supplies you know you can’t get easily at home.  There might be an album or stickers that just seem to have your name written all over it and now might be a good time to get it.  If it’s easily accessible at home, wait.

After your trip

  1.  While you might not get to that album right away, it is important to do a couple of things as soon as you get home.  If you are a digital scrapbooker, scan those print photos and put them in the folder with the trip photos you took.  If the print photos get lost or ruined somehow in the time before you make the album, you’ve already got your digital copies ready.
  2. Make a preliminary sort of the memorabilia you’d like to use.  Do you really need that receipt from Starbucks for the coffee you bought in Downtown Disney?  If not, out it goes now.
  3. Put everything together in one place.  Album or stickers you bought, memorabilia and notes.  I have a box for future projects that has my folders in it along with the supplies I mentioned earlier.  When I’m ready to work on that project, everything is ready to go and I’m not looking all over and getting delayed from starting.

Happy Scrapbooking!



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