Foodie Friday: Snack Spotlight on White Chocolate Rabbit Cake Cup

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White Chocolate Rabbit Cake Cup

Ok…so you all know I have a new favorite snack, right? It’s the cake cups that are served at Cheshire Cafe in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. These delicious treats are basically a deconstructed cupcake, with layers of cake and icing placed inside a cup. These treats were introduced last Fall and my favorite is the Mad Hatter Mocha.

Cheshire Cafe

Well, with the Spring came two new cake cup options-the Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake and the White Chocolate Rabbit.  On my last trip, since they didn’t have my mocha version, I decided to give the White Chocolate Rabbit one a shot.  (It’s got the word chocolate in it…how can that be bad?)

Cake Cup Menu

The cake cup came out, just as lovely as ever.  With beautiful icing, a sugared flower, and two white chocolate rabbit ears. However, this was the only piece of white chocolate to be found in the entire cake cup. The rest of the treat was simply white icing and vanilla cake, mixed with flecks of chocolate cake. (which didn’t really do much to flavor, it seems it was more for decorative purposes.)

White Chocolate Rabbit Cake Cup Icing

This version of the cake cup just didn’t do it for me.  I found that it was too plain.  Yes, it was sweet, just like the other versions, but it didn’t have the pizazz that the Mad Hatter Mocha had. (Even the Cheshire Cupcake Cake Cup seemed to have more punch to it, which is odd, given that the two contained many of the same ingredients.) While the White Chocolate Rabbit Cake Cup was good, it didn’t stand out like the other versions had. To me, it seemed to be lacking a bit of flavor, which I think the other options had in spades.

I absolutely think that I would have done better getting the Queen of Hearts Strawberry Shortcake version, because I feel that at least that version would have had a more distinct flavor, with the strawberry touch to it. (And strawberry puree too.)

If you are a big fan of yellow cake and white icing, then the White Chocolate Rabbit Cake Cup is obviously a good option for you. White Chocolate Rabbit Cake Cup Side

As for me, I am holding out hope that my delightful mocha version will make a triumphant return in the Fall! Either way, I am still a fan of the Cake Cups and think they are a wonderful snack at the Magic Kingdom!

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