Foodie Friday: Review of the Num Num Cookie and the Incredibles Celebration

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Recently, Disney’s Hollywood Studios just rolled out a brand new, fun experience for Guests to enjoy. The Incredible Celebration allows Guests to visit Municiberg and celebrate a day with the Supers! This new area can be found in the former location of Pixar Place, which is where Toy Story Mania’s entrance once stood.

The area, has mostly just been reskinned, with additions touting The Incredibles found all around. Guests are able to get their photos taken with special props and catch a fun dance party with Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone. There is also the opportunity to interact with some of the citizens of Municiberg in fun and unique ways.

If you are a fan of Edna Mode, you’ll have the opportunity to take a tour and see some of the great super suits she’s created, as well as meet the famous designer herself!

But the thing I was excited about was the ability to try the Num Num Cookie, which has been a staple of Disney California Adventure since they introduced Pixar Pier. I had been wanting to try this treat since it was introduced at Disneyland. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the treat can be found at the Neighborhood Bakery, which was formerly the Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway walk up kiosk.

After getting this delight, I walked over to a stand up table (there’s no seating in this area….I don’t even recall seeing a park bench) and tried the cookie and was slightly disappointed. Which made me extremely sad.

The cookie itself is thick and it’s decent size. You can eat one by yourself, if you want, but I found it was fine to share too. The disappointment though was the fact that it was extremely dry. I tried digging into it with a fork and knife to split it and failed spectacularly. In addition, I thought that the cookie flavor was kind of bland. It wasn’t really sweet or anything. It had no real flavor besides the chocolate chips.

To compare, this same trip, I also got the cookie from the Epcot Festival of the Arts and that cookie was exceptionally good. It had good flavor, wasn’t overdone, and was just an overall better cookie option.

I won’t say don’t get the Num Num Cookie, but I will say it was not my favorite and it disappointed me a bit.

Have you tried the Num Num Cookie yet? What did you think? Do you agree with my assessment or am I off base? Did I just get a bad cookie? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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