Fantasia Gardens: A Magical Miniature Golf Experience

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Have you ever played miniature golf at Disney World? In 2011, my parents, grandparents, brothers, and I shared this experience for the first time at the Fantasia Gardens course. Exciting and memorable, this adventure is well worth one’s time and money.

Before our trip last September, I earned four mini-golf tickets as a result of blogging for the Mouse For Less. Using those, plus the two that came with our rooms and another we purchased for Grandma for her birthday, we dedicated one evening for miniature golf. Upon arriving at Fantasia Gardens, the seven of us set off to begin the eighteen-hole course. At each hole was a poetic description of the part of the movie from which that hole was themed. Each description was fascinating to read before putting each hole.

The actual holes at Fantasia Gardens brought us into the magical world of Fantasia. Guests could putt through snowflakes, under twirling hippos, down xylophones that actually made music when the ball touched them, around (or through) alligators, inside the cave of the dreaded villain Chernabog, and beneath sprays of water, not to mention the many other exciting obstacles to dodge! The final hole concluded the course with a long spin down a whirlpool, giving young kids a chance to amaze themselves with an easy hole-in-one.

Many Fantasia character statues could be seen around the course, also. In addition to the evil Chernabog, many other enchanted creatures from the Fantasia movie were included, such as Sorcerer Mickey, water spraying brooms, dancing hippos, and hostile alligators. This unique course gave a fantastic experience unable to be found anywhere else.

Far better than any other miniature golf course outside of Disney World I have ever visited, Fantasia Gardens surpasses them in both excitement and originality. Although I have not visited any other putt-putt courses within Disney World, even those do not seem quite as uniquely entertaining as Fantasia Gardens.

The only downside to the Fantasia Gardens miniature golf course is that many people may know very little about the movie Fantasia. However, I think that it still is the best course at Walt Disney World, even for those who have never seen Fantasia. Its distinct holes are fun no matter what.

For both parents and children, Fantasia Gardens is an excellent pick for miniature golf. I greatly enjoyed my time there and would not hesitate to do it again. It is the perfect balance between easy and challenging, not too difficult for kids or too simple for adults. (I scored par with 53 points.) After an amazing experience at the Fantasia Gardens putt-putt course, I consider it a Disney must-do for any Walt Disney World guests.

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