Extreme Makeover – Disney Style!

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Last night I was flipping through the channels in search of something to watch and happened upon “My House Goes Disney”.  Have you seen it?  Basically, it’s like a mini extreme makeover on your home, Disney style.    In this premiere episode, a family of seven gets a backyard makeover and the three bedrooms that the children use get these amazing Disney inspired makeovers.

The premise of this episode was:  From fairies to fish, the seven members of the Hinson family love everything about Disney. So when it came to this passionate family’s home, we couldn’t keep the Disney transformation limited to the backyard. HGTV’s designers, with the help of Disney Imagineers, take over the Hinsons’ house inside and out for this special episode of My House Goes Disney. Join host Brandon Johnson as the HGTV crew transforms the kids’ bedrooms with Crush, Cinderella and Lightning McQueen. Plus, there are surprises for Mom and Dad with a new pool and an outdoor kitchen!

One of the exciting parts of this kind of makeover is that there was not a lot of demolition as you sometimes see in other home makeover shows.  This made me think “I could live through something like this!”  With rooms themed around the movies “Cars” and “Finding Nemo” and the last one taking on a split between Cinderella and Tinker Bell, the young children were thrilled with their new spaces.

As I sat and watched I had to take a moment and think “What would I want done?” and unfortunately, I would need the big demo!  My house and yard are not conducive to such magical works.  Plus, my kids are older (12 & 20) and probably would not find the joy in having a Lightning McQueen bed or Nemo smiling down at them while they slept!  Oh, but the pictures I would take!

A team of Imagineers do most of the work and each room was treated to their full creativity:  life-size murals, custom made furniture (most of which were used in the new Art of Animation Resort) and Disney-theming to the extreme!  Of course, as in most of these home improvement shows, the parents did participate and assist in the work.  A small price to pay for such an amazing experience.

This new show is an off-shoot of the original “My Yard Goes Disney” where families had their backyards transformed by a team of Imagineers.  Now that could be fun, too!  In these episodes you’ll find pool areas turned in to “Pirates of the Caribbean” pool areas, or tree houses with hidden Mickey’s on them and even life-size tea sets representing the Mad Tea Party!

Don’t get me wrong, friends, you know I love Disney.  But the thought of having it around me all of the time – especially inside the house (the Lightning McQueen room done in dark/bold red was too much) might take some getting used to.  But I think, should Disney or HGTV choose me, I’d be more than willing to give it a shot and take one for the team.

Perhaps a Beauty and the Beast inspired library…

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