Everything Disney Park related on Disney+

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Everything Disney Park related on Disney+
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For those of us using Disney+ to get our Disney fix, sometimes a glimpse into a Disney Park is exactly what one needs.

The Sunrise Series

This series is self-explanatory.  Spend sixty minutes watching the sun rise over Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom in Disney Parks Sunrise Series.  If you’ve never seen the sun rise at any of these parks, then taking the time to watch this calming experience may be just what you need.  There is very little in the way of Cast Member or guests featured- just a time-lapse of the sun coming up over the parks. For those of us who like to Rope Drop the parks, this is the closest to the experience you can get at home.

Go Behind the Scenes of Animal Kingdom Park

The “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” takes viewers on an eight-episode season.  Each episode looks at the lives of the different animals and their keepers.  From the daily feeding of the animals to their veterinary care- this series is like being on a V.I.P. behind the scenes tour of Animal Kingdom or the Living Seas exhibit in EPCOT.  If you happen to recognize the narrator, that’s because it’s Josh Gad.

Decorating the Park for the Holidays

This show is one to watch if you ever wanted to see how Walt Disney World and Disneyland go from regular parks to Christmas extravagance overnight.  In Decorating Disney Holiday Magic, viewers tap into the Disney magic that allows for the overnight change to take place.  From the planning at the storage warehouses to putting the Main Street Christmas Tree in place, the footage will make you feel like celebrating Christmas no matter what month of the year it is.  And because Disney is more than just the parks, the resorts and cruise ships also show up for the chance to be decked out for the holidays.

Fairy Tale Weddings

Whether you’re Cinderella or the Prince- this is a collection of special Disney Weddings.  The Disney Weddings take place all over different Disney properties.  This includes the parks at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, but also Disney Cruise line and Aulani.  Each of the Disney Weddings feature a special location and a unique theme that is specific to the couple.  Not only is there some Disney Magic in store for each of the couples, but the viewers are treated to unique views of some of the amazing locations around Disney property.  There are two full seasons plus two special features all available for viewing.

Overall, if you need a moment to feel like you’re inside the Disney Parks, Disney+ has you covered.

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