Epcot From A to Z (Part 3)

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Epcot is a strange mix of many things and today’s list of favorites really shows that. We start on a Viking ship being chased by angry trolls and end up hang-gliding over California.

Norway Pavillion and Maelstrom

Norway’s ride Maelstrom is a little joke in our family.  It’s a World Showcase attraction.  Those are safe for non-ride goer’s like my husband.  It had been a few years since I had been on it and I forgot the 28 foot drop at the end.  Luckily my husband forgave me.  Oil rigs and trolls don’t bother him but he’s not crazy about the drop.  Once getting off we recovered in the shops and bakery that sell many tasty treats.

Obligatory Photo taken in Front of Spaceship Earth

You get off of the tram, bus or monorail bringing you to Epcot.  You wait patiently to go through security then send your ticket through the machine at the gate.  You’re finally in!  Do you know what time it is?

It’s time to have your picture taken in front of Spaceship Earth!

Whether you snap your own picture, or have some Photopass magic added, it seems like every Epcot visitor has the same picture.  And for us it doesn’t matter how many times we go, we still have the picture taken every year!

Pin Trading in Different Countries

We are pin traders but what makes Epcot unique and enjoyable when it comes to pin trading is the World Showcase.  When we trade in World Showcase we often get the chance to talk to someone from a country we might never visit ourselves.  Even though they must do it several times a day they are patient with us and I enjoy getting to learn about them as well.

Quest for Treats from around the World

Okay – this one is a list of what I’d like to try in every country that I haven’t tried yet.

  • Chocolate Scotch Cake in the United Kingdom
  • Chocolate on Chocolate Whiskey Cake in Canada
  • Sugar Crepes in France
  • Bastilla (crispy leaves of pastry topped with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with toasted almonds) in Morocco
  • Chocolate Ginger Cake in Japan
  • Fried Ice Cream in the United States
  • Coppa di Brutti Ma Broni (cherry and vanilla sundae with cookies) in Italy
  • Something from the new caramel store in Germany
  • Red Bean Ice Cream in China
  • Kringla Sweet Pretzel in Norway
  • Paletas in Mexico

It’s a good thing we’re in Epcot on several days – I’ll never eat all this food!

Reflections of Earth – Illuminations

Epcot’s night time show Illuminations combines fireworks, laser lights, fire, and fountains to create a show like no other on World Showcase Lagoon.  Although it is only 12 minutes long, you will remember it much, much longer.  You know the show is about to begin as torches are lit around the lagoon.  A narrator begins an introduction and the three act show starts.

First is Chaos.  Fireworks and flames shoot from the center barge.

Next is Order.  The torches go out and the globe moves out to the center.  The countries are illuminated by laser and spot lights.  There are high fireworks

Finally comes Meaning.  The torches are re-lit and the globe opens.  It has a torch within.  White fireworks follow. Throughout the show a special soundtrack is pumped through the park


Although I haven’t been on the original in California I’d love to because this is a remarkable experience.  Found in the Land Pavilion building this is a ride I try to time right or Fast Pass.  It can have long waits.  But once you’re ready to ride it’s amazing.

The three rows of seats rise up and move forward as you fly over scenes shown on a huge screen.  Beaches, canyons, even Main Street USA and Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland (fireworks included).  It’s breathtaking!

Although you do leave the ground this is a ride my non-ride husband will do. (He likes it that much).

Next time will be our last at Epcot. We will talk to our turtle friend, Crush, zip on over to Test Track and do a few other things along the way.

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