Epcot From A to Z (Part 1)

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As a kid I really wasn’t excited about it. And now to think about a day there leaves me longing for more time.

This time out in a search for my favorites, we’ll start with all the soda you can drink and end with a Gran Fiesta Tour starring three well-known Disney birds.

All the Soda Pop You Can Drink at Club Cool

If you want to know more I wrote an entire blog devoted to Club Cool a few months ago that you can probably find at The Mouse for Less Blog.  I love it because they have my favorite soda, Kinley Lemon, from Israel, there and I can have all I want for free.  The other types available are:  Smart Watermelon from China, Lychee Mello from Thailand, Vegibata from Japan, Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica, Mezzo Mix from Germany, Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique, and Beverly from Italy.  One of these is usually not well-liked but I’d hate to ruin it for you so try them all!

Behind the Seeds

I think Behind the Seeds, a small- group behind the scenes tour is one of the best deals we’ve found at Disney.  For less than $20 each we spent over an hour walking through the greenhouses and labs of Living with the Lands, learning how Disney uses plant cultures to grow new plants in hydroponic gardens, and beneficial insects for pest control instead of harmful chemicals. It’s fascinating, more so for my husband who always comes out with big ideas for our garden at home!

Coral Reef

I don’t like seafood.  Yes, they have a fine steak but I am here for the view.  Coral Reef Restaurant at The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion is an experience where as you eat you feel like you are under the sea looking at the Caribbean Coral Reef.  Large windows allow you to look out upon the largest inland saltwater environment ever built.  It contains a turtles, sharks and all of the other creatures you’d find on a real coral reef.  Now we’ve only gone when we were on the Dining Plan.  I’d have to admit, for me, this would be a pretty pricey choice without the Dining Plan.  We don’t go every trip and when we do it’s because we love the setting!

Doing Kidcot

Kidcot FunStops are a FREE (yes, FREE) stations in Epcot where kids can design a mask and choose items to decorate it with.  They can also get autograph books or Epcot passports stamped.  They may even learn how to say hello in a different language.

Now I think this is great way to help make World Showcase more fun for kids but if you’re a little older and want to participate you won’t get any strange looks.  I’m thinking of collecting the stamps on my next trip.

All eleven countries have Kidcot Stations and they are clearly marked with a red K on the Epcot map.

(EO) Captain

Although I’ve written about this to a lengthier degree Captain EO still has to make my list.  Growing up I was a huge Michael Jackson fan and it seemed right to me that he would be a part of the Disney magic.

I also think the entire movie is very Disney and a little inspiring.  The fact that a group of misfits are able to find the good in someone bad and to help her see it too-We are here to change the world!

You leave feeling like we all can if we try.

Fountain of Nations

Built with the original park in 1982, Fountain of Nations contains 200,000 gallons of water.  At the opening ceremony of Epcot representatives for twenty-two different countries poured one gallon of water from their home country into the fountain.

Since then it has been updated a bit.  It is now synchronized to different pieces of music.  At night it also includes a fabulous night show.  Water can shoot up to 150 feet into the air so be careful on a breezy day or you may get an unexpected shower!

Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros

Maybe I love this ride because our first trip to Disney together my husband and I were obsessed with finding the Three Caballeros pin set.  I don’t know, but it really is one of my favorites.

Inside the World Showcase Mexico Pavilion is a musical, festive boat ride.  As you float around a Mayan pyramid then enter a tunnel you see many scenes of Mexico while being entertained by Panchito, Jose, and of course, Donald.

It reminds me of a Mexican version of It’s a Small World.  The Three Caballeros keep me coming back.  I guess I keep trying to figure out why Panchito and Jose put up with Donald!

So as Donald leaves us sailing along in Mexico, we’ll be back again next time to pass the hours at Mouse Gears and marvel at Miyuki’s candy making talent.

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