DIY Peter Pan Halloween Costume

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Peter Pan

Halloween may have come and gone, but there’s always time to start planning for next year, right? We’re going to help you learn how to make a quick & easy Halloween costume – Disney inspired! This year for Halloween, I was Peter Pan & my dog was my shadow. It was a very simple, no sew costume that I made entirely at home.

What You’ll Need

  • Green leggings
  • Green shirt
  • Scissors
  • Elastic belt or rope
  • Plastic sword
  • Green felt
  • Red feather
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black shirt
  • Black felt
  • Black feather (or more black felt)
  • Black leggings (If making a human shadow)
  • Elastic
  • Glitter (optional – choice of colours. I used gold, silver & green)
  • Mod Podge (optional, if using glitter)
  • Mod Podge sealant (optional, if using glitter)
  • Glue gun

Step One

Using your scissors cut triangle edges along the bottom of the green t shirt and the sleeves. Try it on first to know how high to cut it & make sure each triangle is wide enough to be noticeable.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Step Two

Now it’s time to make the hat. Find a square bolt of green felt to use for your hat. Remember not to make it very big, and before you begin assembling, check the size on your head. I had to do two attempts to make the hat the size I wanted.

First, fold the fabric in half. Next, tuck in each corner towards the center, leaving the open end available. Leave a space between the two folds. Then, fold up the bottom half a couple inches.

Peter Pan

Before gluing, I would suggest comparing on your head to make sure it’s the size you desire.

Then, you can begin gluing. First off glue the corners down, next the edges. The bottom edges will likely come out over a little. Just cut it to make sure it appears curved.

Last, it is time to glue on your read feather. I glued it on the side that has the corners come together.

Peter Pan

I also glued on a bit of pipe cleaner on the inside so I had something there to pin to my head as opposed to the hat itself. Optionally, you can use elastic. I used elastic on my dog.

Peter Pan

To make the shadows hat, you simply repeat these steps. If you don’t have a black feather like I do, you can create one out of felt and a pipe cleaner.

Peter Pan

Step Three

This step is optional. I wanted to make my sword glittery to give it a bit of extra pizazz! I used a simple black sword, but mad the handle green, blade silver, and middle gold.

To do this, I used mod podge glue on each section, sprinkling on the desired colour glitter. Once it was completely dry, I used the clear mod podge sealant to make sure it was all sealed the glitter wouldn’t come off. Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area as it is quite strong.

As always, make sure your work area is well covered – glitter likes to get everywhere!

Peter Pan

Step Four

You are basically all done! Time to put it all together. Pair your green leggings, shirt & elastic belt around the middle. Pop on the hat, and put the sword in your belt. Voila! Easy peasy Peter Pan Halloween costume.

Peter Pan

For my dog, she is a black dog anyways, but has a white chest. I thought about using pet paint to make the chest black, but opted for a black shirt instead as it was less messy. Popped her hat on, and she was the perfect shadow! If you have a human being your shadow, you can simply do the same as the Peter Pan steps, but using black materials.

Peter Pan

Fun tip – I also did my makeup with “second star to the right inspiration”!

This is the perfect Halloween costume that was quick to make and very affordable. If you’re looking for something that fits that bill, look no further than this DIY Peter Pan Halloween Costume!


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