The Disneyland Rides I’m Heading to First Once This is Over

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Storybookland Canal Boats


I’m spoiled. I live close enough to Disneyland that under normal circumstances I get to go at least once a year, if not more. Because of that, I’ve gotten used to not stressing out about hitting every single ride every single visit.

This year, of course, is different. I can’t help but think about those rides I haven’t ridden in a while, or my favorites that I love to ride every time, or those that I haven’t even gotten a chance to ride once!

So here, in no particular order, are the Disneyland rides I’m heading to first once this is over!




I’ve ridden this ride under its previous name and theme, California Screamin’, many times. But on my two past visits to California Adventure, no one in my party wanted to try the newly themed Incredicoaster with me. So I’ve decided that this is one I’m going to have to head to!




The stationary cars in this gorgeous Ferris wheel offer some of the most beautiful views of the Disneyland Resort. Lines can often be long and this is a ride that loads notoriously slowly, so I’ve skipped it on a couple of recent trips. But I want to see those beautiful views again!




This sweet, charming dark ride has been a sentimental favorite of mine for years. I love to sing along with the fantastic music as my family and I glide under the sea to visit Ariel and her friends.


Disneyland rides



Southern California is full of budding comedians, and if you’re lucky enough to ride The Jungle Cruise while one of them is the skipper, you’re in luck. I can’t wait to hear the corny jokes and see the elephants without their trunks again!


Disneyland rides



A classic from the earliest days of Disneyland, this sweet boat ride is something I try not to miss. Gliding past adorable miniatures of famous locales from classic Disney animated movies never ceases to put me in a good mood!


Disneyland rides



I was absolutely obsessed with Star Wars as a child, so it’s probably shocking to those who grew up with me that I haven’t yet experienced Galaxy’s Edge. But I was so convinced that this area of the park would bring crowds to unholy levels that I stayed away after this new land in Disneyland Park opened. You’d better believe I’ll be racing to this once it’s safe to go to Disneyland again!

What Disneyland rides are you headed to first when the parks reopen? Share with us in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!

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