Disney World’s First Snow – Magical and Real

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Disney World's First Snow
Lots of folks wonder if it has ever snowed in Disney World. You can find out here.

Disney World’s first snow – has it happened?  Lots of internet users ask if it snows on Disney World. We’ve done careful research and found several instances of Snow in Disney World. Plus, we have some advice on what to do just in case it does snow.

Disney World's First Snow
The button provided for 1994’s Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party highlighted the First Snow theme.

Disney World’s First Snow – Disney Magic

We were there when snow first fell in Disney World.  Well, maybe not the first snow fall – even though Disney said it was. According to Disney the first snow happened on December 2nd 1994.  In fact, Snow fell throughout December 1994 as you entered Main Street as part of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Snow has been falling just about every year since. And, maybe, this was the type of snow Disney was willing to admit to.

However, it is not real snow. Disney’s first snow was a bit of Disney Magic they call snoap. The primary ingredient of snoap is soap. While it looked pretty enough, those of us who have shoveled our way out of the house noted the lightness of the flurry and the lack of even the lightest coating of white, We did the traditional thing and caught a bit of the white stuff on our tongues. Snoap, not a good start for our night.

It’s been snowing (snoaping) in Disney just about every year since.

Disney World’s First Snow – for real

Disney does not publish or track adverse weather events. If you look on the internet you can find listings of snow events in Florida but no mention of Disney World. It stands to reason that if Miami has had a snow fall then Disney must have had one as well. The only question is; has snow fallen on the Disney property since the park has opened. Even stories in the UK headlined Florida snow storm hits Disney World and raises flood fears really talks about snow in Georgia and near freezing temperatures at the park.

After extensive research we did find one first person account confirming Snow in Disneyworld. A Tom Sawyer cast member observed the snowfall on December 23, 1989. This snowfall was listed in the Florida snow events list and was almost five full years before Disney’s First Snow (snoap version).

It is also likely that Snow fell on Disney World on January 19, 1977. Florida was hit by a major cold wave with snow falling as far south as Miami.   In Orlando there were reports of snowball fights from snow gathered on cars. But there was no mention of snow in the new park. The Orlando Sentinel pictures display a large volume of snow as well as fashionable period clothing. It stands to reason that some of the snow fell on Disney World.

Disney World's First Snow
Try as we might we could not find photographic evidence of a Disney snowfall. The brochure cover will have to do.

The thought of snow should never stop a Disney World Visit

Apparently it has snowed a few times at Walt Disney World. If it does snow, logic and history indicates that it will snow at night and possibly when the park closes. Plus, the weather in Florida ensures that the snow quickly and completely disappears. Warm clothes should be sufficient to outlast any snow affects. Personally, the thought of standing on Main Street and seeing the castle against behind a flurry of snow would be magical beyond even Disney’s power.

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