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In the past I have shared my strange obsession of taking home meaningless merchandise (and I use that term loosely!) from my Walt Disney World Resort vacations.  Stray napkins, unused fast-passes, maps – you name it, I bring it home.  So yes, it’s weird but beyond them are some other things that are on my Disney Must-Have list.

Souvenirs.  Every time I go to the World, I buy a picture frame.  I have quite the collection.  I wish I had started this trend earlier in my travels but the last eight trips have found me bringing home different Disney related frames that are now scattered around my house.  I love walking through a room and seeing the frame and the picture within it and smiling at the memory.

Christmas Ornaments.  This is another must have that I tend to get on every trip.  We already had a fairly heavily Disney themed Christmas tree thanks to an ornament club that my aunt had subscribed to for us when my older son was a baby but now I add to the collection with different ornaments from the parks.  As much as my husband thinks my Disney obsession is crazy (as most obsessions are!) he is always the first one to comment on how much he loves the ornaments we’ve purchased in parks.

Mugs.  And no, not just the refillable ones.  I mean, we get those when they are part of our vacation package deal but I have been known to purchase one (or three!) travel mugs for when we get home.  It’s like taking a little bit of the magic to work with me every day.

Shopping aside, there are some other Disney must-haves that are part of each vacation.  For example, I MUST have something to eat from the Main Street Bake Shop in the Magic Kingdom.  Whether it’s their French Toast Loaf for breakfast or really, any pastry, it is one of the top places that I have to have at least a snack at.

The castle photo.  Even though I had to wait that one year until the crane was out of site, I have to get at least one (or twelve) pictures of our family in front of the castle.  It’s tradition.  Even if we don’t get a group shot anywhere else on Disney property, that one shot is a must.  Along the same lines, I always get a photo of the Walt and Mickey statue in front of the castle.  Why?  I don’t know.  It just makes me smile.

Salted pretzels.  These are another treat that I absolutely must have while vacationing in the world.  The only other place I have ever been where they are this good is while walking around Manhattan!

The monorail.  Even if we aren’t staying at a Magic Kingdom resort, I still have to find time on each trip for at least one loop around on the monorail.  To me, that little trip truly says that I am in Disney.  There’s not much to see while your on it, a lot of it is just woods (if you’re going to the TTA or Epcot) or it’s sort of stop and go on the Magic Kingdom loop but either way, it’s something that I must do on my trips.

Is it Mickey shaped rice crispy treats?  a Dole Whip?  A Mickey ice cream bar or a turkey leg?  Is there a ride that you have to ride first?  What are your Disney must haves?

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