Disney Movie Re-Release: Friend or Foe?

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Back in the day when my first born was a baby, we started our Disney movie collection on VHS.  Yes, it was a long time ago.  Even before he was old enough to even know what a Disney movie was, I started his collection.  The marketing behind these movies was pure genius at the time; buy it for a limited time because it won’t be available for ever and then it’s going back in to the Disney vault.  Hurry!  Buy it now!  And like any good mom, I did!

Now, almost twenty years later, we have a massive collection of these movies and some we have duplicates of because of the transition from VHS to DVD (I haven’t bought in to the whole Blue Ray thing yet – I’m being a rebel!).  So basically, for all of these years, I have been spending a lot of money on Disney movies and happy to do it.  Thank you marketing department, you’ve done your job well.  I was well and truly happy that I had everything I needed; all of my Disney movie needs had been met.

Until now.

Now, for a limited time (you sneaky evil geniuses!) you can see some of the BEST, classic Disney movies in theaters in 3D!  Really?  If I wasn’t such an enthusiast, I’d be okay with this and just see the commercial and thing “Hey, neat idea”, but I can’t!  I missed the limited release of “The Lion King” due to colds, flu and whatnot, but the upcoming release of “Beauty and the Beast” has me practically ready to pitch a tent at my local theater because it is my all-time favorite Disney movie.  I have three copies of it here at home (one VHS and two DVD – because of the two “special edition” releases).

I am a sucker.  I know and accept that.  Well, I don’t like the term ‘sucker’, we’ll go back to ‘enthusiast’.  Do I need to see this movie again?  No.  I can watch it any time I want on any one of my multiple copies and yet the thought of missing it in the movie theaters makes me a little crazy!  Where will they place the 3D?  Will I feel like I’m being rained on during the final battle between the Beast and Gaston?  Will I be surrounded by singing and dancing cups and saucers while singing “Be Our Guest”?  I don’t know and now I have to find out!

It is because of people like me that the marketing people at Disney probably get their raises.  I mean, I buy in to the concept that I have to see this movie again.  Please tell me that I’m not alone in this!  Fellow Disney enthusiasts, do you enjoy these movie-theater, 3D re-releases?  Are you marking your calendar so that you can go with your family?  Maybe some of your children haven’t seen these movies before and the thought of having them see if for the first time in such a grand way is exciting.  I for one will go.  It doesn’t matter if my 20 and 12 year old’s will not, I will go.  I might find a friend or two who is feeling nostalgic to go with me and we’ll go and sit and watch a children’s movie and be okay with it.

Don’t even get me started on the insanity that will ensue if and when Aladdin is ever re-released…

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