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Disney Movie Insiders is a great way to feed your love of Disney while you’re at home. If you enjoy going to see new Disney releases in the theaters and buy the Blu-Rays or DVDs to add to your collection at home, you really should be a Disney Movie Insider.

Why? It’s the place “where fans become insiders” for sneak peeks, rewards, and more.

Formerly known as Disney Movie Rewards, Disney Movie Insiders allows fans to earn points for the movies they watch at home and in the theater.

What’s the same?

Ever buy a Disney DVD and see an insert with a code on it? That’s your ticket to points that you can redeem for lots of cool things including gift cards, coupons, Disney experiences, and more.

Disney DVD insert
This is what the DVD inserts looked like before the change from Disney Movie Rewards to Disney Movie Insiders. I can’t wait to see what the new inserts look like.

The basic premise of the site remains the same. Watch movies, buy movies, and earn points. It’s free to join, and you redeem points earned for rewards. You can also link to other existing accounts, such as a Disney Movie Club or Fandango account, to earn additional points.

For me, the site is a fun way to save up points for Disney gift cards to spend at Walt Disney World. I actually had about $30 worth of gift cards to spend on my trip this past August. It may not seem like much, but it’s enough to buy a souvenir!

What’s different?

With a new site and a new name, a lot of things have changed compared to Disney Movie Rewards. Previously, the site offered a wider variety of rewards including DVDs. There have been complaints on Disney Movie Insiders’ social media pages about the smaller selection of rewards.

Disney Movie Insiders
The current homepage for Disney Movie Insiders features a quick link to information and a previews for upcoming movies.

With the new site, you need to accumulate or redeem points at least once within a one-year period or your points expire. Along with entering movie codes and redeeming tickets, Disney also provides other opportunities to earn points.

Insider tip – make sure you follow Disney Movie Insiders on social media. Throughout the year, they will announce special codes you can redeem. Often, these codes are only good for a day. Typically, they come around holiday times. I’ve earned these extra bonus points around Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.

The new redemption page isn’t quite as user friendly as the old one, but it’s possible that changes may be on the way to make it easier to organize. On the old site, you could browse rewards by point ranges or by reward type.

The bad

Right now, the reward pickings are slim. In the past there were movies, toys, collectibles, and much more available. And there were actual gift cards they would mail to you. Now, the majority of rewards available are Disney e-gift cards, and they cost more points than they used to. Before, a $5 gift card cost 550 points and a $10 gift card cost 1,100 points.

Now, while there are a few $5 gift cards available for 500 points, most of the gift cards cost 575 points and some cost 600 points.

In addition to the changes in rewards, there have been glitches with the changeover. It started right from day one – September 26 – when the new site was supposed to go live. However, there were delays, and the site didn’t actually go live until October 2. Since then, some users are reporting lost points or the inability to log into the new site.

Disney Movie Insiders
Those who wanted to see the new site were greeted with this message for nearly a week before the new site finally went live.


The good

On the upside, Disney added a lot more gift card values to the reward offerings. You can now redeem points for gift cards totaling $5, $10, $25, $50, or even $100 on the new site.

The new Disney Movie Insiders app offers some nice new features. You can instantly scan movie tickets to earn reward points. You can also take a photo of your ticket and upload it through the app or the website.

Movie Insiders app
Being able to scan movie tickets in the new app is a nice feature.

This is slightly different from the previous system. Under that system, you entered some information in advance including what movie you saw and how many tickets you had. Then you would receive a code to write on all of the tickets before snapping a picture and uploading it. This new system does away with the code.

Glitches and changes aside, the site remains a fun way to earn rewards for Disney things you already do.

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